Globo narrator is confused with CBF advisor who played cat

Grupo Globo narrator, Vinicius Rodrigues was mistaken for the CBF advisor who pushed a cat away from the table during Vinicius Júnior’s press conference. The professional accompanying the Brazilian team at the World Cup in Qatar is the same name as the broadcaster’s announcer and caused controversy for the way he decided to remove the feline from the scene (see video below).

It turns out that the narrator Vinicius Rodrigues — who has nothing to do with the matter — began to suffer attacks and threats on social networks. The curses continued even after he recorded a video to clarify that he was not a CBF press officer, but a professional from the Globo group.

“I’m being canceled and suffering hate. Here’s the thing: today there was a press conference for the Brazilian team and Vinicius Júnior was there to give an interview. The CBF advisor is called Vinicius Rodrigues, my namesake by name and surname. In the middle of the press conference this happened here (video of the advisor removing the cat). That said, a lot of people started to search and arrived on my Instagram page. of social network users.

Vinicius has been a Globo narrator since February this year. The announcer has already commanded transmissions of volleyball, basketball and soccer games.

See some messages that Vinicius received

Vinicius Rodrigues was mistaken for CBF advisor Vinicius Rodrigues - Reproduction - Reproduction

Vinicius Rodrigues was mistaken for CBF advisor Vinicius Rodrigues

Image: Reproduction

Brazil is getting ready to face Croatia next Friday (9), at 12h (Brasília time), for the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar.

Watch the moment the aide removes the cat

Council of veterinary medicine sees common treatment of CBF advisor with cat

In an official note sent to the UOL Sportthe Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of the State of São Paulo (CRMV-SP) stated that the way Vinicius Rodrigues removed the cat from the bench while Vinicius Junior gave a press conference earlier today (7) was correct.

After the video became popular, the advisor became the target of comments and divided opinions on social networks for the way he drove the cat away. According to the CRMV-SP, the practice used by the employee of the Brazilian team was the right one.

“In analysis only of the scene exposed in the video of the link sent, and with no more information about the case and the history of the animal, no element was found that could be characterized as mistreatment”, says the beginning of the note.

“The portrayed scene brings a common handling in the case of a feline of unknown origin and behavior, with the CBF press officer petting the animal to gain confidence and not suffering scratches and bites, and then holding the animal by the back”, completes the CRMV-SP.

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