How many episodes did each character appear in on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead came to an end after 12 years of airing, adding 11 seasons and 177 episodes. Along this path, the series introduced several characters, some stayed for a short time, while others survived until the end of the story.

A fan profile on Twitter shared a list with the number of episodes that some of the characters in The Walking Dead appeared. Leading the list with the most appearances is Daryl Dixon with 148 episodes, followed by Carol who appeared in 125 episodes and Rick in 111.

At the bottom of the list are Oscar, Mika, Ron, Kent Alvaro, Sebastian and Annie, who appeared in just nine episodes. You can check the complete list clicking here.

About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a series based on a HQ of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. The plot follows a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse who try to find a place to live in a world where danger is everywhere.

The series’ cast includes Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, among many others.

In 2015, the first derivative appeared, Fear The Walking, which shows the early days of the zombie apocalypse. In 2020 another derivative was launched, The Walking Dead: A New Universewhich follows a group of teenagers who leave their safe place to rescue their father.

More derivatives are to come, such as dead citywhich will continue the story of Maggie and Negan in New York, Daryl Dixonwhich will show Daryl’s adventure in France, as well as a story with Rick Grimes and Michonne.

Zombies from the first season of The Walking Dead
Zombies from the first season of The Walking Dead (Disclosure / AMC)

Critical reception

Check out what critics said about the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead🇧🇷

“The final season is The Walking Dead like you’ve never seen before. Even at the beginning of the end, The Walking Dead it’s not dying, it’s living again” – Cameron Bonomolo,

“TWD comes to an end, but thanks to the planning of a dozen spin-offs, the final episode lacks a sense of satisfaction and finality, instead just giving us a preview of what’s to come. Still, the last few episodes were really enjoyable thankfully” – David Hogan,

“Having the end in sight only exacerbated the flaws of a story that was long lost” – Adrián Álvarez, Espinof.

“Maybe this is just a show that should have died a long time ago” – Chase Hutchinson, Collider.

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