How potholes and speed bumps will help electric cars run faster

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The electric car always needs to reuse energy as much as possible. This is so important that manufacturers are participating in a real race to develop new technologies that improve vehicle autonomy. One of the first major achievements was the creation of regeneration during deceleration and braking. Now, BMW is preparing another one, just as relevant.

The CarBuzz website discovered a brand patent in Germany that, in a technical way, describes how the energy reuse scheme by the car suspension system will work. That is, when going through holes, ditches and speed bumps, cars will benefit. The documents indicate that the i7 will be the first to receive the novelty, with no prediction of when.

BMW regenerative suspension - Reproduction / CarBuzz - Reproduction / CarBuzz

BMW regenerative suspension

Image: Reproduction / CarBuzz

In summary, the development will use the vertical movement of the car to generate electricity. The mechanism will have a small disc that rotates as the suspension arm rises.

The system also has a clutch that releases the movement at the time of descent. In this way, the suspension will both be free for its main function (which is to smooth the car and maintain its stability) and to generate energy.

That this will make models that receive the technology even more expensive is not surprising. Of course, as they will be more expensive models that they will use at first, the efficiency gain should offset the proportional increase in costs for the end customer. It remains to be seen, exactly, how much more the cars will run with the novelty.


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