How scammer who ate raw meat was unmasked

Brian Johnson, known as the “King of the Liver”, frustrated many fans when he was exposed about his “ancestral diet”, which made him found three companies with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars, claiming that the food helped him to have a muscular body – and, consequently, gave him fame on social networks.

The influencer claimed to eat raw meat to maintain his physique, but it was revealed that he spent around R$ 57,000 a month on anabolic steroids. The discovery was made by a rival bodybuilder, who released the contents of e-mails related to Johnson.

Bearded, with bulging abs and biceps, Brian Johnson, 44, was born in San Antonio, Texas (USA). He earned a degree in biochemistry from Texas Tech University (TTU), but used his background in the field to pursue the study of supplemental nutrition.

According to the Washington Post, he became a star on social media in August 2021 for promoting an ancestral diet based on ox brains, bull testicles and raw animal livers. Johnson was active on TikTok and Instagram platforms, with more than 1.7 million and 3.6 million followers, respectively.

He proclaimed himself “Liver King” (“King King”, in free translation), in reference to the ancient tribes of hunters who had a preference for the organ of their hunts and believed that the consumption of it helped them to reach their highest and dominant form. . According to Johnson, the liver is also worth mentioning for being rich in peptides and vitamins.

It features nine “ancestral principles” such as daily exercise, sun and cold exposure, adequate sleep, social connection and a controversial high-meat diet consisting primarily of organ and muscle meats, “organic egg yolk”, bone broth , raw meat, milk, cheese, fermented vegetables and “wild fish roe”. The influencer argues that this method can help people achieve happiness and optimal health.

Johnson is also the owner of the company Ancestral Supplements, which sells capsules of concentrated beef liver, organs, bones and other dietary supplements that promise better physical results. He also has stakes in Heart & Soil and Fittest Protein Shakes. In an interview with GQ magazine, this year, he stated that his business ventures earned more than US$ 100 million (about R$ 520 million) a year.

How did it get strong?

In videos on social networks, Brian Johnson showed his food, with raw livers, testicles and beef marrow every day. He also stated that he has followed this method for 20 years and it has helped him define his physique.

The bodybuilder said that this diet offered the “most nutrient-rich supplements on the planet” and that his physique was defined by these rules in food and other practices of the “nine ancestral principles”.

However, after being unmasked with the leak of emails in which he admitted the exacerbated use of anabolic steroids, Brian Johnson apologized to his fans in a YouTube video. He has admitted to taking steroids, something he has repeatedly denied in the past, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

“I lied and deceived many people,” he declared. “Yes I used steroids and yes I am using steroids.”

The scandal erupted after another fitness influencer posted a YouTube video exposing alleged private emails in which Johnson described his steroid regimen.

Included among the drugs and hormones are regular injections of powerful anabolic steroids such as stanozololdecanoate of nandrolone and testosterone cypionate, as well as Omnitrope, a form of human growth hormone.


The “King of the Liver” has been married to Barbara Johnson since 2004. Also called the “Queen of the Liver”. She works as a dentist and adopts her husband’s ancestral lifestyle.

The couple has two children, Rad, 15, and Stryker Johnson, 13. The boys are called by their father on the networks “Savage Liver Boys” (“Wild Liver Boys”, in free translation).

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