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This Wednesday (8), the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced that the “Account Status” tool has gained an update for professional accounts. Through it, it will now be possible to check if your content is eligible to be recommended to non-followers. And if not, understand which guidelines you violated, taking steps to correct the problem.

“Account status” update for business accounts (Image: Disclosure / Instagram)

According to Mosseri, Instagram understands how inconstant the reach of a creator or brand can be, sometimes being higher and sometimes lower on the social network.

According to him, one of the reasons for this is precisely the fact that the account in question may not be eligible to be recommended to other users – which prevents it from disclosing its content and gaining new followers.

In order for professional accounts to have more control over this mechanism, Instagram has expanded the functions of “Account Status”, allowing it to notify you whether or not your photos or videos can be featured in places like Explore, Reels and Feed Recommendations.

If they are not eligible to appear in these sections, then the user may see a sample of content or components of their profile that are in violation of the Recommendation Guidelines. And, knowing what is affecting your reach, take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

For this, he can edit or even delete the post that is hurting the platform’s rules. But if you don’t agree with the assessment, you can also ask the Instagram team to review the content.

“Account Status” was released in late 2021

Announced in October last year by Instagram, “Account Status” is a platform tool available to all network users.

Located in Profile > Settings > Account > Account status, it allows you to check your situation on the platform, allowing the individual to find out if he has already posted something that violates the Community Guidelines.

If this has happened, he can avoid recurrences that could lead to him losing his account. Or even challenge the decision if you believe Instagram made a mistake.

Launched to bring more transparency to the application, since the time of its launch Instagram had already promised that it would gain new functions over time, giving people a better idea of ​​how their content is being distributed and recommended.

With information: Instagram and TechCrunch

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