“It’s fake…”; After Casagrande ‘accuses’ Tiago Leifert of trying to harm him, former BBB presenter does not hold back and manifests himself for the 1st time


The former BBB presenter broke his silence about the controversy involving Casão

Tiago Leifert (left) and Casagrande (right).  Photos: Playback/TV Globo
Tiago Leifert (left) and Casagrande (right). Photos: Playback/TV Globo

This Thursday (8), James Leifert spoke for the first time about an ‘accusation’ made by Big house🇧🇷 In his column on UOL Esporte, the former player stated that Daiana Garbin’s husband would have tried to ridicule him on live TV TV Globowith the aim of “favoring friendly commentators”.

In the Instagram feed, the former presenter of BBB echoed Casão’s statement and made a text ‘on a peace mission’. 🇧🇷I don’t know you well, we barely talk in our lives, we don’t have any intimacy and that’s why I don’t have and never had your phone number. I hope it comes to you’ he began.

The journalist did not stop there and said that he always had a good relationship with everyone. The blonde still assured that nothing that was written about him would be true. 🇧🇷What you wrote about me in your column is not true and you know it. I have never mistreated any boss (I have the phone number for them!), I talk to everyone and I have a great relationship with everyone’ he continued.

Leifert even considered that he was even honored when he left the Marinho family station. 🇧🇷When I left Globo last year, I was honored live in prime time (another thing we don’t have in common). So much so that I’m there in the sport again! They called me to come back, I’m in the same newsroom and with the same group. If you have any proof, date, time, email, I’m waiting“, he added.

🇧🇷You were not and are not part of anything in my career, nor I in yours (…) We disagree on many things about life and the ball, and that is part of the game. Do you think we don’t need Neymar for the sixth [na Copa do Mundo], I strongly disagree, and we both vocalize that. It’s the ball! It is part of the sports review. We have other disagreements, supernormal. Besides, what you wrote about me is false, in a practice that seems to me to be the opposite of everything you preach.“, finished.

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