‘It’s not true and you know’

The sports commentator used his column to accuse the presenter of trying to harm him

The presenter also boasted that he had a good relationship with former bosses

The presenter also boasted that he had a good relationship with former bosses

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The host James Leifert used Instagram to counter the accusations made by the sports commentator Walter Casagrande in the early afternoon of this Thursday, 8. The former player and sports commentator used his column on the website Uol Sport to criticize Leifert and five players. According to Casagrande, the presenter would have tried to harm him to favor other commentators.

Leifert begins the post by saying that he “writes on a peace mission”, and then completes by saying that he doesn’t know the commentator intimately: “I don’t know you well, we barely talk in life, we don’t have any intimacy and that’s why I don’t have and never had your telephone”. “What you wrote about me in your column is not true and you know it”, he argued.

The presenter also boasted that he had a good relationship with former bosses and that, unlike the former player, he received tributes when he left TV Globo🇧🇷

“When I left Globo last year, I was honored live in prime time (another thing we don’t have in common). So much so that I am there in the sport again, ”he said.

Leifert continued the text asking for proof of the accusations made by Casagrande, arguing that the commentator has always been one of the favorites of the broadcaster’s management. The presenter also stated that he never had any control over the commentator’s career.

“I never had any interference with its scale or that of any narrator or commentator, I was never editor-in-chief, I was never a director. We barely met, we barely spoke, we were never even in a meeting room together, if we shared a ‘live’ three times in our lives it was a lot ”, he wrote.

He even countered by saying that he left GQ magazine by his own decision, and that he was chosen by the publication as “Man of the Year on Television”.

Leifert ended the text by saying that disagreements about football are common, but reiterated that the accusations made by Casagrande are false.

“You think we don’t need Neymar for Hexa, I strongly disagree, and we both vocalize that. It’s the ball! It is part of the sports review. We have other disagreements, supernormal. Besides, what you wrote about me is false, in a practice that seems to me to be the opposite of everything you preach”, he concluded.

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