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Last year, the curtain bangs, “curtain bangs” here in Brazil, exploded among the influencers. Trend goes, trend comes, and we even forget a little about them. Now, however, with the obsession with “Wandinha” and her interpreter, the actress Jenna Ortega, love seems to return. Not only her, but other celebs, like the model Emily Ratajkowskiare firmly in line with the 70s look and are sources of inspiration.

To understand the refs and the names that the fringe can have, it is worth going back in time. The curtain style is also known as Bardot fringe, thanks to French actress Brigitte Bardot’s trademark look. Hence the strong inspiration of the 1970s, when voluminous and layered hair was at its peak.

In the most recent revamped version, what really wins stardom is the cut that simulates a curtain framing the face. And if, in the past, there was already a prejudice that only straight hair looked good with them, the idea also fell apart.

Part of the love for this style comes from its versatility, as it looks great on a variety of yarn textures and doesn’t require frequent trimming like shorter versions.

Curtain fringe — Photo: Playback/Instagram @canfrgu

Last year’s fever raised some doubts about finishing. To really style it, you need to set aside a few extra minutes in your hair care routine. But nothing that a hair dryer brush, for those who prefer straight and wavy, or a little mousse or gelatin, for those who want to emphasize the curls, don’t do the job perfectly.

Did you want to join? We have inspirations!

Emily Rata — Photo: Playback/Instagram

Curtain bangs conquered TikTok (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @freshlenghts) — Photo: Glamor

Recipe for a perfect curtain fringe? We have! (Photo: Playback/Instagram @emmachenartistry) — Photo: Glamor

Curtain fringe — Photo: Playback/Instagram @victoriayamagata

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