Justice takes custody of baby whose parents are against vaccinated donor

the justice of New Zealand took temporary custody of a 6-month-old baby who needs heart surgery. Reticent about the blood transfusion of people vaccinated against covid-19, the child’s parents refused to authorize the procedure.

The case reached the Auckland High Court, which ordered the surgery to be performed, in addition to placing the patient under partial state guardianship. “The overriding question is whether the proposed treatment is in the best interests of the baby,” the court said. From now on, the child will be under “medical custody of Justice” until hospital discharge.

According to Justice, parents will remain guardians “for all other purposes” and will be “informed of the nature and progress of the baby’s condition and treatment”.

The surgical procedure had been postponed because the couple did not accept a blood transfusion from a donor who had received a messenger RNA vaccine, the technology used in Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

The government, however, does not distinguish between blood from vaccinated and unvaccinated people, because, for New Zealand health authorities, there is no extra risk in the blood of vaccinated people.

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