Leifert responds to Casagrande on accusations of sabotage at Globo and former player publishes ‘rejoinder’

After being quoted by Walter Casagrande in response to criticism from the champion squad of the 2002 World Cup with the Brazilian team to the commentator, James Leifert countered the words of the former striker that he would have tried to harm him at the station and disrespected superiors at the time when the two were on Globe🇧🇷 According to the presenter, the accusations are false and “without any sense”. He also reiterated that the former player was the broadcaster’s number 1 analyst and that they shared few spaces. Casagrande made the ‘rejoinder’ in his column on the UOLsaying that Leifert would have “forgetting problems”.

In a post on Instagram, the communicator, supported by players like Denilson🇧🇷 Julius Caesar🇧🇷 Kaka and Framesjournalists like ale Oliveira and Glenda Kozlowski and even the former World Cup referee Sandro Meira Ricci, said that his relationship with the heads of TV Globo is great, mentioned that he was honored live in prime time and asked that evidence of the feuds between the two be presented. Casagrande wrote that they did the Globe Sports every Friday in 2009 (by requirement, since, in the words of the former player, Leifert wanted to work with Caio brook) and recalled a case in Copa America 2011, where Tiago would have ridiculed Casagrande and ‘abandoned’ his colleague moments later.

Tiago Leifert is narrating some World Cup games on SporTV 2.
Tiago Leifert is narrating some World Cup games on SporTV 2. Photograph: Joao Miguel Jr.

“I don’t know you well, we barely talk in our lives, we don’t have any intimacy and that’s why I don’t have and never had your phone number. I hope it reaches you”, said Leifert on the networks. “What you wrote about me in your column is not true and you know it. I have never mistreated any boss (I have the phone number for them!), I talk to everyone and I have a great relationship with everyone”, he continued, reiterating that Casagrande would have as much or more space than him at Globo. “The story you tell makes no sense: you were always Globo’s number 1 commentator, always on the biggest trips, in the best games, no one ever harmed you”, said the journalist.

“And we don’t work together, right? I never had any interference with its scale or that of any narrator or commentator, I was never editor-in-chief, I was never a director. We barely met, we barely spoke, we were never even in a meeting room together, if we shared a “live” 3 times in our lives it was a lot. You were not and are not part of anything in my career, nor I in yours. The magazine you mentioned, I left because I wanted to in 2018 and you were not part of the decision”, he continued.

Casagrande responded by saying that the journalist insulted him in a Copa América broadcast for wearing different clothes than his cabinmates. “In the first match, the broadcast uniform was a suit with a blue shirt and a gray V-neck vest. I put the suit in the wash and, on the day of the game, they couldn’t find the blue shirt. I had to wear a white one and, because it was different, I wore a blouse in the same color as the vest, only with a closed collar, ”he recalled. “At the halftime show, you ran a program to interact with us in the stadium. And when I, Galvão and Arnaldo appeared, you laughed at my blouse, saying that I had the vest backwards, in a way of ridiculing me”, punctuated Casagrande.

Casagrande left the post of Globo commentator in 2022.
Casagrande left the post of Globo commentator in 2022. Photograph: Daniel Teixeira/ Estadão

“In the second block, the director said: now it’s Tiago and Casão. And you just walked out of the studio, leaving me to talk to myself. And then the Galvao 🇧🇷good) came to me. Detail: these two situations are easily found on the internet ”, added Casagrande, who posted a link to an article that resonated in the stories. Along with this, she said that the people that Leifert would have treated no longer work at the station, with which the presenter guaranteed that he had a good relationship.

“I get along so well with the people there that I was on the cover last year and elected man of the year in the television category,” wrote Tiago in the Instagram post, reiterating that his disagreements with Casagrande are part of journalism. “We disagree on a lot of things about life and the ball, and that’s the game. Do you think we don’t need the Neymar for hexa, I strongly disagree, and we both vocalize that. It’s the ball! It is part of the sports review. We have other disagreements, supernormal. For the rest, what you wrote about me is false, in a practice that seems to me to be the opposite of everything you preach.” Tiago made a textão without leaving any response to the former athlete from Corinthians, São Paulo and the national team.

The publication mentioned by Leifert is the magazine HQwhere Tiago would have resigned after the director refused his request to dismiss Casagrande for writing a column contrary to his that football and politics could not mix.

“Regarding what I reported about QG magazine, I understand you not wanting to assume that you went to the board to ask for my head because of my text. Even because the director said that each one had given their opinion”, said the former player, inferring that the journalist’s departure day would prove that his text had an influence on the communicator’s decision. “But it’s simple: anyone interested can get the dates from our columns and see the date you ‘left’”.

Leifert has not yet responded to Casagrande’s “reply” and reinforced at the beginning of his Instagram post that he is on a “peace mission”. The discussion between the two returned to activity because the journalist liked a publication by Marcos, the five-time goalkeeper, who mocked Casagrande with a photo of Neymar: “We don’t need him, we need Casagrande for the sixth”, wrote the archer at the time . According to Walter, he actually said that the team could win the Cup even without the striker.

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