Luís Castro, from Botafogo, points out the virtue of the Portuguese coach in barring Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘He proved to be a great leader’

Technician of Botafogo🇧🇷 Luis Castro analyzed the bar Cristiano Ronaldo in the rout of Portugal over Switzerland in the world Cup🇧🇷 He understood the choice of coach Fernando Santos, for the tactical part.

– I think that changes in the coach always have to do with the interests of the team and the strategy against the opponent, what we want from the game. For this game, we were clearly not interested in the frontal support movements that Cristiano normally makes and the second post tackles that Cristiano makes. Gonçalo has different characteristics, he usually attacks the first post, with the growth of Guerreiro and Dalot, they are players who cross well and serve the first post area well, where one of Gonçalo’s goals happened. And in the short depth movements he is also strong – explained Luís Castro, on the program “Seleção Qatar”, on SporTV.

Luís Castro pointed out the virtue of coach Fernando Santos in Cristiano Ronaldo’s barrage.

– This is the role of the coach, decisions cannot be made taking into account what the fans or the press will think. Coach is a man alone in making decisions, he is paid to do so and cannot think about whether he will lose if he does so. It’s very easy for all of us to comment and say what should have been done, but our team doesn’t vary the game. The team that varies the game is the coach’s, so this team will never be proven – declared Castro.

– Fernando showed the great capacity he has as a coach and proved to be a great leader. It’s very difficult for any of us to put Cristiano on the bench, it’s an act of great risk… …even because the game isn’t won in advance. If Portugal lost the game, that would be the big question. He manages the group surgically, I still think that the same team can play against Morocco – he added.

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