O Urso and more productions on Star+ for those who liked O Menu

A luxury restaurant on an American island off the Pacific coast. A world famous chef. A magnificent menu. A diverse group of customers. An infallible gastronomic team. These are the ingredients that make up “The menu”the new satirical thriller from Searchlight Picturesshowing in cinemas.

In the plot, the couple Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) and Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) decide to travel to a remote island, only to have the unique experience of eating in an exclusive restaurant with a menu that is surprising. The head chef, Slowik (Ralph Fiennes), prepares customers a hearty and memorable meal, but unimaginable events will reveal that this can be a deadly experience for Tyler, Margot and the other customers.

Taking advantage of the premiere of the new production, we selected productions with the same theme available on Star+. Check it out below:


Series | Available exclusively on Star+


Newly launched on the platform, “The bear” follows the story of Carmen Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White), a renowned chef who works at the best restaurant in New York until he receives the news that his brother has committed suicide, leaving the family’s old Italian diner in Chicago as an inheritance. Read our review here.


Movie | Available exclusively on Star+

The film presents the story of Kate and Luke, employees of a brewery. With similar tastes, the two always flirted with each other, but never entered into a relationship, as Luke thinks about marrying his girlfriend, while Kate is with a music producer. However, the more they drink, the more they are open to the possibility of going out together.


Movie | Available on Star+

the national comedy “I like to discuss” presents Augusto (Cássio Gabus Mendes), chef of a refined restaurant, established for years, but that is in decline due to the success of a former pupil, Patrick (Gabriel Godoy), who works in a food truck right in the square in front of the establishment. Due to the situation, the bank, which is also a partner of the restaurant, appoints the strict Cristina (Kéfera Buchmann) to be the new manager. She immediately clashes with Augusto, as she wants to change the routine of the place in order to make it profitable. But amid the pressure of creating a new menu, Augusto develops a rare syndrome that causes him to lose his sense of taste.


Movie | Available exclusively on Star+

Jack (Thomas Haden Church) is getting married, and Miles (Paul Giamatti) decides to give him a trip to California to see the region’s vineyards. They taste wonderful wines, tighten the bonds between them and the trip becomes a memorable adventure.

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