On Taison’s departure from Inter

Reporter Lucas Collar is that Taison’s manager was called by the Colorado management this Wednesday to inform that the club is not interested in his contractual renewal and the player is released to look for a new club in 2023.

Among the reasons is the high salary, which comes close to R$ 1 million, and the cost-benefit analysis is that it is not worth continuing with the player. Therefore, even if the current bond is until April, he is already released to look for another club and forward an exit.

I confess that I tried to contact both management and Taison’s agent and did not even receive a response. And this, of course, is a clue. After all, when everyone disappears, the chance of having fire in that smoke is gigantic. That’s why I decided to come here.

According to Collar, Taison has a proposal from Cruzeiro in his hands and Ronaldo himself telephoned the player opening the doors for him to go and play for the Minas Gerais club.

But this is one of the possible destinations. Nothing is right yet. He received the news a few hours ago and is starting to analyze his whole life to see what to do.

It is important to make clear that Taison has a contract until April. So, the player will have to see their proposals, choose where to go and then negotiate an exit.

If he goes to Cruzeiro, for example, it is almost certain that he will not receive the same salary. So there is a chance that Inter will have to compensate.

Anyway, everything is very recent, but the main information is that the manager was informed of the lack of interest in renewing and Taison released to look for a club.

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