Plano Geral: Series with Julia Roberts, ‘Gaslit’ brings a new look at the Watergate scandal – 06/06/2022

On this Monday’s “Plano Geral” podcast (6), Flávia Guerra and Thiago Stivaletti discuss the series “Gaslit”, which includes Julia Roberts and Sean Penn. Launching on the Starzplay streaming platform, the series brings a new perspective on the Watergate scandal from Martha Mitchell (Roberts), wife of the Attorney General of the Republic of the Nixon government, John Mitchell (Penn). Martha was known for revealing backstage information to the press during the Nixon administration, adored by fans but treated as a persona non grata within the government. (check the file above from 31:19).

Another highlight of this edition is the Romanian comedy “Bad Luck in Sex or Accidental Porn”, winner of the Berlin Golden Bear, now showing in cinemas. Unintentionally, the film draws strong parallels between Romania and Brazil when telling the story of a teacher who has a sex video leaked on the internet, facing the moralism of the school’s parents, all in the midst of the covid pandemic (from 00:53).

Also in theaters, the French feature “It’s All Right”, by François Ozon, makes a sensitive portrait of an elderly man who opts for assisted suicide, in order to die still lucid and healthy. The topic has heated up again in France after Alain Delon, the biggest star of French cinema in the 60s and 70s, announced that he intends to die this way. (listen at 10:42)🇧🇷

One of the best features of the season, the American “O Contador de Cartas”, by Paul Schrader, premieres directly on pay per view, for rent on platforms such as Apple TV+ and Net Now. The film tells the story of William Tell, a professional blackjack player in American casinos who hides a traumatic past as a combatant in the Iraq war. The film features one of the best performances of Oscar Isaac’s career, an actor known for the “Star Wars” franchise, the epic “Dune” and the Disney+ series “Moon Knight”. (in the file above at 15:20).

Among the festivals, the podcast raises the highlights of Olhar de Cinema, a Curitiba film festival that brings together the best of national and foreign author films, and also happens online for the whole country. (listen at 23:35). A part of the festival’s program also takes place online throughout Brazil until June 9 at

“Plano Geral” is distributed on Mondays on Splash UOL. On the show, Flavia Guerra and Thiago Svaletti talk about the subject they love most in life: cinema. Big Hollywood releases, the best of Brazilian cinema, auteur films from around the world that are booming at festivals. The premieres of the week in theaters, streaming tips and much more.

You can listen to the “Plano Geral” podcast on audio platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, in addition to Splash’s Youtube channel.

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