Portal RTX requires DLSS on RTX 4090 to reach 60 FPS in 4K at maximum quality

Even the powerful GPU is not able to run the game at maximum without the upscale technology.

Although it is currently ranked as the most powerful graphics card in the world, not even the RTX 4090 is able to face the weight of Portal RTX in its maximum quality without using upscale techniques. An analysis carried out by the TechPowerUp website shows that, to reach 60 frames per second in 4K resolution, hardware owners must necessarily turn on the DLSS🇧🇷

The site claims that, in its benchmarks, only managed an average of 26 frames per second running the game at native 4K resolution and with all visual details at maximum. Other boards also considered powerful performed even worse: 13 FPS on the RTX 3090 Ti and 1 FPS on the RX 6900 XT🇧🇷

TechPowerUp also notes that the game’s ray tracing load is so heavy that, depending on the DLSS mode used, the RTX 4090 also does not deliver a 60 FPS performance🇧🇷 During the benchmarks made, Portal RTX ran at an average of 64 frames when the technology is used in a “Balanced” way, with better performances being achieved using the Performance mode.

Portal RTX is a pretty heavy game

The tests carried out by the site also reveal that, in practice, only the RTX 4090 can run the game in 4K at a frame rate above 60 FPS really consistently when your graphic details are at their maximum. The RTX 4080, for example, delivers an average performance of 45 FPS when DLSS is turned on in balanced mode.

The RTX 30 generation, on the other hand, demonstrated a rather low performance at 4K resolution, although things get better using the 1440p and 1080p options🇧🇷 However, in both situations DLSS proves indispensable to be able to conciliate an excellent visual quality with a performance considered acceptable.

Portal RTX officially arrives on Steam this Thursday (8) and should be released around 2 pm, Brasilia time🇧🇷 The game is a free DLC for those who already have the original version of the game and proves to be one of the first works made with RTX Remix technologywhich promises to give new life to old games.

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Source: PCGamesN, TechPowerUp

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