receive up to BRL 1,000 from the racing app

99 is an individual transport app company founded in 2012 by Paulo Veras, Renato Freitas and Ariel Lambrecht. In January 2017, the company received a US$100 million contribution from Didi Chuxing, a Chinese transport company.

In addition, the application is also promoting a bonus for platform users.

99 is offering bonuses to users who refer drivers. Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Application 99 offers bonuses for those who refer drivers

In order to encourage the registration of new partners on the platform, 99 is offering a bonus of R$1,000. The company is offering the possibility for app users to indicate drivers and this indication will be transformed into cashback.

The action started on the 1st of November and will end on the 9th of January next year. The referral program promoted by the company aims to offer benefits and advantages within the platform so that more people become users of the application. So, if you refer family and friends to become 99 partners, you can still earn extra money with that.

In this way, the reward program works in a very simple way, the passenger who indicates someone to become the driver will receive R$ 1 thousand as a bonus at 99Pay. From the moment the driver registers and completes 14 trips, you can receive the amount.

When the money lands on 99Pay, users can transfer the amount to the chosen bank account to be used in the way the person prefers, in addition to being able to leave the amount yielding rates of up to 220% of the CDI.

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How to participate in the promotion?

To participate in the promotion can be quite simple and just follow the step by step:

  • First, you need to access the “Main Menu” in the 99 app, which is available for iOS and Android (🇧🇷
  • Then click on “Invite Drivers”;
  • Tap on “Send invitation via WhatsApp”;
  • Select from your contacts list the friends to whom you want to send your link to become a 99 partner driver;
  • Remember to choose your city when registering;
  • Finally, after completing all the steps, the passenger who referred a friend receives a reward of R$1,000.

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Learn more about 99’s referral program!

The promotion works as a way to stimulate the generation of income among employees, since there was a great demand for services provided by mobility companies. To receive the reward, the nominated person needs to meet the goal established in the company.

Thus, upon receiving the referral, the guest must complete the registration and wait up to 4 days to be approved by the platform. Then, he can start driving and must complete 99 races within 14 days, from the platform approval. Finally, the user will receive the amount between 5 and 30 days in his digital wallet present at 99Pay.

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