Review | The Girl from Plainville: Elle Fanning convinces boyfriend to kill himself in new biopic

Michelle Carter made headlines around the world after starring in one of the most controversial cases in American judicial history. The introverted teen was accused of convincing her boyfriend to take his own life via text messages. Even though she was miles away from the terrible fatality, her name was carved in the last moments of Conrad’s life, a sensitive boy who suffered from depression and social anxiety. AND The Girl from Plainville tries to fill in the trail of countless gaps left by the process that dominated the courts, presenting yet another beautiful and touching performance by Elle Fanning🇧🇷

Hulu’s original production, brought to Brazil by streaming starzplay, takes us behind the scenes of the thousands of messages exchanged between the couple, who spent most of their relationship at a distance. Trying to balance the issue that Michelle also suffered from depression and eating disorders and the fact that she (regardless of it) drove her boyfriend to suicide, liz hannah 🇧🇷The Post: The Secret War) and Patrick Macmanus 🇧🇷doctor death) seeks to show the other deeper layers that never made it to the main news in the United States.

Going beyond the “girl encourages boyfriend to kill himself” combo, The Girl from Plainville tries to understand how Michelle’s mind worked, exploring her narcissistic aspects, while further exploring the psycho-emotional illnesses that she suffered. Without trying to clear her of the atrocity she commented on, the dramatic miniseries reflects on the culture of unhealthy relationships born and sustained by the age of social networks, in addition to pondering the importance of honest communication between parents and children within the family. Here, as we witness two sick people trying to help each other in their own way, we understand even more how delicate and complex the time we live in is – where relationships are often restricted to the virtual and ethics and morals become increasingly blurred.

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And with a powerful performance by Elle Fanning, who expresses a meek voice and a sad look in almost all of her scenes, we are once again gifted by the incredible versatility of the actress on the scene. With a darker characterization and a little makeup work to emanate Carter’s facial features, she does her job in a unique way, expresses her talent even through singing and shines on screen, easily overshadowing the other supporting characters. Chloe Sevigny and Colton Ryan they are also not far behind and make up a great trio of protagonists, in a plot whose biggest villain is the lack of understanding about mental health.

With a script full of metaphors that tries to make the Michelle-Conrad dynamic more inviting, the miniseries is made for those in love with biographical productions – even if it suffers at times due to the lack of fact-finding and for leaving many crucial details of the process out. . But in fact, the biggest problem of The Girl from Plainville it’s your rhythm. Excessively slow, the miniseries has little flavor for those who love dramatic thrillers and relies heavily on the curiosity of others to ensure the general public’s concentration until the end. Even so, the new miniseries from starzplay it is an excellent and sensitive account of mental illness, which denies itself the right to offer many conclusive answers. Especially because, after everything we discovered in this case, is it really that they genuinely exist?

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