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SPECIAL ENVOY TO DOHA – Last Monday, the 5th, the Brazil thrashed the South Korea per 4 to 1 and qualified for the quarterfinals of the world Cup🇧🇷 If Brazilian fans were happy around the stadium 974the comedian Fabio Rabin Didn’t have such a positive experience.

Drunk, the actor was detained by Qatari police and taken to a “sobriety tent”. On social networks, he reported the moment and said he feared for his life in the host country of the World Cup, with its harsh laws and little space for dialogue. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in Qatar it’s forbidden.

At the FIFA Fan Fest in Doha, the sale of beer is authorized.  Fans, however, can only buy four cups per person.
At the FIFA Fan Fest in Doha, the sale of beer is authorized. Fans, however, can only buy four cups per person. Photograph: Petr Josek/AP

The host country had committed to allowing a more permissive sale of alcoholic products during the period of the World Cup, but less than two days before the inaugural game of the Cup, between Qatar and Ecuador, the Qatari authorities decided to prohibit the sale of beer in kiosks around the arenas. There was no appeal from FIFA.

During the World Cup, then, small areas were established where it is possible to buy beers and the like. In these places outside the Qatari prohibition, the police even turn a blind eye if someone gets slightly ‘cheerful’, but does not disturb anyone. If the person “gives a flag”, however, he can be taken to the tents where the clinic and the service centers are located, the so-called ‘sobriety tents’.

If he is so bad because of drinking that he can’t walk, ambulances equipped with stretchers take the drunk to the service points. “If that’s the case, he can be medicated and ‘grounded’ until he recovers from the effects of drinking,” says a police officer on duty at the FIFA Fan Fest.

“The order we have is to deal with fans who got drunk, without putting them in jail”, he says. According to him, until they are in a more sober state, they remain under medical observation. When they are discharged, they go home with a warning: getting drunk in public in Qatar is “very frowned upon by the local population and the authorities”.

One of the few places where beer is allowed in the country, FIFA’s Fan Fest on the Corniche, near the Doha waterfront, has a version of Budweiser with alcohol available. But if you think that at the Fan Fest in Doha there are tables with a panoramic view of the waterfront and a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy your beer, forget it.

What’s over there is a counter with refrigerators in the background. Signs at the site warn that consumption of “international beverages” should only be done in designated areas. Outside them, security guards and police politely ask fans to go to points where consumption is tolerated. And there are more rules to avoid overdoing it. Each person can only buy four glasses of beer. And even so, it pays dearly: at the FIFA Fan Fest, a half-liter glass costs 50 Qatari Rials, about R$80.

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