Selena Gomez responds indirectly to Francia Raísa about famous friendships

The selenator world is very busy these days, see? With the launch of the intimate documentary My Mind and Me🇧🇷 Selena Gomez gave several interviews talking about mental health and how you deal with fame. And the one that is giving the most talk is the one published by Rolling Stoneyielding even a climate between friends.

During a conversation with the American magazine, Selena told about the difficulty in venting with friends who were not harmed by fame and even getting along with famous people. “I never fit into a cool group of girls who were celebrities. My only friend in the industry really is Taylor [Swift] So I remember feeling like I didn’t belong.”

It wasn’t long before this particular line was making the rounds all over the internet. While fans of the singers’ friendship loved the statement, other people missed some names. Francia Raisa – actress and who donated her kidney to Selena – was one of them, even commenting on a publication about:

“Interesting,” commented the actress. Soon after, she also unfollowed Gomez on Instagram. The public noticed the movement and began to position themselves on their social networks, generating a wave of hate for both Selena and Francia.

The situation has become one of the most commented subjects, mainly on Twitter. Until Selena herself responded to a video on TikTok about it, implying that she was referring to the music industry in the interview: “Sorry I didn’t mention all the people I know.”

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