Should Uber and iFood sign a delivery portfolio in 2023?

Should Uber and iFood sign a delivery portfolio in 2023? Learn more about the plans of Lula’s elected government for next year

During his election campaign, one of the points addressed by Lula, now elected president of Brazil, was regarding the regulation of the profession of drivers and couriers of applications such as Uber and iFood.

The subject has been the focus of many debates, mainly regarding the possibility of these companies signing their employees’ portfolios for the coming year. But, is this possible? To learn more, check below.

Applications must grant similar rights to the CLT

Thus, the new government’s idea would be that app workers like iFood and Uber would have similar rights to those guaranteed by the CLT. This would include paid weekly rest, retirement, and a set workday. The biggest concern, however, would be in relation to the employment relationship between company and employee.

“Uberization” of work

Currently, workers at companies like iFood and Uber do not have any guaranteed labor rights. This is what many scholars have come to call the “Uberization” of work. That is, the company does not recognize the delivery person as an employee, nor does it offer any type of labor right, such as vacations, unemployment insurance, aid, among others.

However, it must be made clear that the idea of ​​the new government is not, in fact, to include these professionals in the CLT. What is expected to be done is to improve the working conditions of this category through regulation of the activity.

Finally, one of the main issues that serve as an argument against the CLT joining couriers is that these professionals would be “stuck” to a particular platform.

However, the truth is that, currently, many of them work for more than one company, such as Uber and 99, for example, not by choice, but to be able to increase the amount received, a problem that could be alleviated with regulation, the gain of rights and fair wages.

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