Stadium 974, made of shipping containers, begins to be dismantled in Doha; see the reactions on the networks – Football

It’s time to say goodbye! Stadium 974, famous for being made of shipping containers and named after the Qatari telephone code, is already being dismantled in Doha. The arena was the first fully collapsible in a world Cup🇧🇷 The objective was that 974 would not become an unused space in the country.

The teams have already started working in the area and are showing the first signs that the World Cup is coming to an end. The stadium had a capacity of 40,000 seats; however, during the World Cup, 4,000 seats were added. Despite being built for the 2022 World Cup, the arena hosted 13 matches, including World Cup and Arab Cup matches.

The Brazilians are not at all happy with this disassembly and are already talking about the most curious arena of this World Cup. On social networks, internet users cite “saudade” for the World Cup and for the 974 itself, which was so much talked about during the first days of the Cup in Qatar.

The last match held at 974 was precisely with the Brazil win over South Korea, valid for the round of 16 of the World Cup. A few hours after the whistle blew, the trucks and forklifts were already at work to begin the gigantic disassembly.

As the World Cup organization likes to say, the structure will be temporary, but “the legacy for the Qatari population will be eternal”. The site will serve as a commercial center and promises to further develop the Ras Abu Aboud region.

According to the British newspaper Financial Times, the entire structure will be sent to Uruguay so that the stadium can be reassembled for the 2030 World Cup, if the country is chosen as host.

Uruguayans hope that the initiative, which aims to reduce waste from abandoned facilities, will influence FIFA’s Executive Committee when it comes to choosing where the tournament will be held eight years from now.

Uruguay hopes to host the competition exactly one hundred years after they hosted the inaugural event in 1930.

The candidacy will be a joint effort with Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, but the South Americans face competition from the European candidacy of Spain, Portugal and Ukraine.

Will Brazil play in a stadium made of containers? Find out what the 974 is like

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