“The Umbrella Academy”: 5 reasons to believe the series has come to an end

A new year of “The Umbrella Academy” is finally among us and, in the third season of the Netflix hit, we are already picking up right where the previous final episode left off: the Umbrellers facing the Sparrow Academy, new characters and a familiar face: ben (Justin H. Min) very much alive.

And, at the same time that they assimilate that their actions in the past have transformed and modified the present forever, the protagonists must face a new and powerful enemy that threatens to truly destroy all human existence for good. That said, after the events of the new batch of episodes, we have a big question: “The Umbrella Academy” is it over? We think so and here’s 5 proofs – WITH SPOILERS!!!! – of it.

1. We Discovered Reginald Hargreeves’ Secret

Yes, perhaps the biggest question of the series has its answer this season: after all, what is the motivation of Reginald (Colm Feore) when adopting gifted children? It is revealed that he wanted to save his wife, who was dead on the Moon, and could only do so after the heroes were in top form to face the ninja locked in Oblivion and unlock a portal that grants their greatest desires. In the end, he succeeds in his goal, even though it doesn’t go the way he planned.

2. Reginald is a robot

Yes, another big shocker in the final minutes was discovering that Reginald is, in fact, a robot. This happened after allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) cut off part of her head with a sword. It’s a great answer to know how he was alive over 100 years ago looking the same and participating in so many historical events.

3. Allison has her happy ending

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One of the people who suffered the most in the plot was, without a doubt, allison🇧🇷 Number 3 lost her daughter in the first apocalypse and, when she rebuilds her life alongside Ray (Yusuf Gatewood), has to lose a person he loves for the second time in the new end of the world. Bitter, she becomes a cold and cruel person, hopeless and accepting her death, until Reginald proposes a partnership where he will get everything he dreamed of back if he helps him in his plan (which we explain in item 1). And she herself is responsible for finalizing the deal, which takes the entire Umbrella Academy to a new reality, where she meets again Ray and Claire (Coco Assad).

4. Umbrella and Sparrow lose their powers

Something unprecedented happens after the apocalypse this time: the heroes enter a new reality in which they no longer have their powers and can live normally. This means that there is nothing supernatural that surrounds them anymore, allowing them to move forward, and even if a new threat arises, there is nothing they can do.

5. Everyone is happy with their fate

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The main reason to think that the series has come to an end is the fact that Viktor (Elliot Page), Five (Aidan Gallagher), diego (David Castaneda), Laila (Ritu Arya), allison and ben they seem happy with their normal lives and want to enjoy them like ordinary people. The only ones who aren’t very happy are klaus (Robert Sheehan), who had just understood his powers and become practically immortal, and Luther (Tom Hopper), who is the most affected, as he lost sloane (Genesis Rodriguez), the love of his life, who apparently doesn’t exist in the new reality.

But what about the remaining questions?

Alright, we’re here stating that the series may be over, but some important questions were left unanswered, which would allow for a new year to be produced. And we wouldn’t even love it, right? Let’s go to them:

Who is the woman of Reginald🇧🇷 Why was she dead on the moon? And if he is a robot, who created and controls him? Where did it go sloane🇧🇷 Will Viktor be able to stay with Sissy (Marin Ireland)? What is the Jennifer Incident and how did Ben die? How did their powers disappear and what to do to recover? What does the post-credits scene mean with ben and where is he going?

So, do you think there’s still hope for “The Umbrella Academy“? Here we are in the crowd after another electrifying season!

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