This Is the Best iPhone App of 2022, According to Apple

We know that the year 2022 is practically over, but until next year arrives, it’s a good time to evaluate everything that happened throughout that year. With that in mind, keep reading to discover the best app for iphone from 2022.

As far as Apple is concerned, here you will find the best applications chosen for the brand’s devices. We are mainly talking about iPhone, Apple Watch, Ipad and MacBook devices.

Every year there is an award, from the “apple” itself, called App Store Awardswhich defines the best apps for the year in question.

In this article, we will bring you the app chosen as the best. We will also bring the game that won the hearts of users!


The App Store Awards went to the application that is popular among young people, while at the same time serving as an example, in various aspects, for other platforms, such as Instagram and the famous TikTok.

BeReal was created by Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau in the year 2020 in France. At that moment, the creators thought that it would be necessary to develop a platform on the internet that would allow people to post what was happening in reality.

The App’s promise revolves around what many people need: to be themselves. This application is certainly a good remedy for the situation, as it allows you to post photos, defining BeReal as a social network, but there is no type of filter or editing available for these posts.

Basically, the application works as follows, every day a notification is sent to the user informing that the time has come to post a photo of what is happening at the moment of the notification.

The platform allows the addition of friends who can react to your photos, but unlike Instagram or conventional social networks, the reaction takes place through another selfie.

Apex Legends Mobile

In terms of games, the award for the year 2022 went to the game “Apex Legends Mobile“, which was developed by Electronic Arts.

Both for Android and for the Apple platform, the game was an invaluable success, as it reached a huge number of fans after its release.

We know that the Battle Royale category on mobile phones has a wide range of options, but for 2022, “Apex Legends Mobile” takes the prize as the most loved game.

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