Tiago Leifert, I’ll just refresh your memory and that’s it!

This is the last time I’m going to touch on this subject, because I’m just going to help Tiago Leifert’s memory. In the text he wrote, there are serious problems of forgetting.

Dear Tiago Leifert,

How can you say that we never worked together, if when I returned after my hospitalization, in 2009, we did the EG every Friday, as required by the late Marco Mora?

Mora called us into his office and gave the order to include my participation on Fridays because you only wanted Caio Ribeiro (and I want to make it clear that Caio has nothing to do with that).

One of those Fridays was GE’s birthday and there was a party in the studio with balloons, cake and everything. You called everyone in front of the cameras and left me sitting there waiting. It was clear that I was not welcome there.

In the first match of the 2011 Copa América, in Argentina, the transmission uniform was a suit with a blue shirt and a gray V-neck vest. I put the suit in the wash and, on the day of the game, they couldn’t find the blue shirt. I had to wear a white one and, because it was different, I wore a blouse in the same color as the vest, only with a closed collar.

At the halftime show, you ran a program to interact with us in the stadium. And when I, Galvão and Arnaldo appeared, you laughed at my shirt, saying that I had the vest on backwards, in a way of making fun of me in the first block (in which we were together again). This is the story of the vest that I told in my text.
Globo would never let anyone go live in a Brazilian national team broadcast with a V-neck vest backwards

In the second block, the director said: now it’s Tiago and Casão. And you just walked out of the studio, leaving me to talk to myself. And then Galvão came to my aid.

Detail: these two situations are easily found on the internet.

At a pizza at Faustão’s house, we were sitting at a table with eight people. When you left, you shook hands with everyone and jumped me. Two familiar people (names I’ll preserve) noticed and looked at me, disapproving of his rudeness.

Regarding what I reported about GQ magazine, I understand you not wanting to assume that you went to the board to ask for my head because of my text. And you asked to leave after you complained about my text to the director. Especially because the director said that each one had given their opinion. But it’s simple: anyone interested can get the dates from our columns and see the date you “left”.

About your return to the sport, I’ll refresh your memory once again: the people you mistreated haven’t worked at Globo for a while now.

Finally, one last clarification: I said that the Brazilian team could win the Cup even without Neymar.

I don’t want to understand that you are being a liar. I prefer to think that you have a memory problem.

Well, Tiago, I don’t want to touch on these subjects anymore. Now that’s enough, because I just want peace in my life.

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