Watch out for fakes! Learn how to spot a fake profile on social media

Imagine the following situation: you are liking a person, apparently very beautiful and you feel attracted to her. Chat goes and chat comes, you are insecure to know if the person you are talking to is real or if it is a fake profile with a photo of a famous person.

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There are ways you can search for that person, the one in the photo, without even knowing their real name. This helps to identify fake profiles and not be deceived on social networks.

How can I identify fakes?

Let’s consider two possibilities:

Search to know if the person you are talking to is fake

By the computer:

  • Take a screenshot or save the person’s image
  • Enter the folder where the file is saved
  • Go to Google Images.
  • Click on the third option, the camera one.
  • Place the desired photo

The photo that was used and which media used the same image will appear. Above, the Google shows who is famous. Do this whenever you see a profile that you think is fake.

Some images, of beautiful but unknown people, can be acquired in ‘image bank’ and deceive us, but not the technology. Already, by cell phone: the most practical way is to search for “Google Lens” in the search tab of the applications. The process will be identical.

You do not want your image to be used by third parties

Now, just in case or out of sheer curiosity, you want to know if a profile is using your photo, we recommend the same process. There is another case that is as follows: search for your name, find a picture of you, which must be on some social network, there in the images of Google and go to the related ones.

If photos of completely random people appear, without involvement with you, theoretically, your image is not being repeated without your permission in other means on the Internet.

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