Well done! Unofficial resellers take a loss on the RTX 4080 GPU

Unofficial graphics card resellers, also known as scalpers, are one of the most hated classes by computer game lovers. The reason for this is the stupid practice of buying high-performance video cards in large quantities to resell them at very high prices. Well, the scalpers attacked again with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080🇧🇷 But this time they got it wrong.

NVIDIA’s high-performance graphics card was not well received by the market and ended up stranded on scalpers’ stock. Lack of stock in official stores and low interest in the GPU has caused unofficial retailers to take a loss.

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Why was the RTX 4080 poorly received?

GeForce RTX 4080

It’s not the video card GeForce RTX 4080 be bad. On the contrary. She delivers everything NVIDIA promise in the ad. That is, it is a powerful GPU that can run any game at maximum settings and with a high FPS. The problem lies in the cost x benefit of the card.

The MSRP of the RTX 4080 is $1,199 (about BRL 6,240 in direct conversion). However, in practice, it is being sold at retail and on some exchangers for the price of US$ 1,400 to US$ 1,500.

It turns out that this price is pretty close to a GeForce RTX 4090, which is much more powerful! The suggested price of the RTX 4090 is US$ 1,599 (just over R$ 8,300). That is, if you are going to buy an RTX 4080 for US$ 1,500, it is better to add another 100 dollars and get an RTX 4090. It has 16,384 Cuda cores and 24 GB of memory. In comparison, the RTX 4080 has “only” 9,728 Cuda cores and 16GB of memory. Remember that the 12 GB version has been canceled🇧🇷

Firepower of RTX 4090 justifies high investment

GeForce RTX 4090
Firepower of the GeForce RTX 4090 pays off the high investment

However, the RTX 4090 is also being sold for higher than suggested prices. On Amazon and eBay, for example, we can find this video card for prices that exceed US$ 2,000. Even so, demand for this video card remains high. The reason for this is precisely its “firepower” well above average.

For many players, all the computational power offered by the card justifies the high investment🇧🇷 Following this logic, unofficial resellers thought that the phenomenon would be repeated with the RTX 4080. But not. Many scalpers bought large amounts of the RTX 4080 in hopes of reselling them at much higher prices. The harsh reality is that they are not able to sell or return the plates.

In this thread on Reddit we can see that gamers no longer want to pay such high prices for video cards. After the pandemic and with the semiconductor crisis, video card prices have skyrocketed. And that ended up pissing off the players.

The result? Those who have a “bullet in the needle” to build a high-performance PC prefer to migrate to the most powerful option, such as the RTX 4090. But for those who are not so demanding and do not have such a generous budget, it is preferable to get an RTX series card 3000 or some plate from OMG🇧🇷

RTX 4080 is in a kind of limbo

Stranded RTX 4080 Announcement

If you still insist on having an RTX 4080 video card, the best option is to resort to authorized retailers. Stocks are low, making it difficult to find the board for immediate delivery. Values ​​are also higher than the suggested price, but not as high as in the hands of scalpers. In addition, an authorized store has a guarantee.

As for unofficial retailers, many of them are trying to return RTX 4080 cards. But stores, already realizing this maneuver, are making returns difficult. Newegg until canceled your refund policy🇧🇷 The detail is that this change only affects the RTX 4080 card.

We can’t help seeing this with a certain catharsis, a taste of revenge, since scalpers have contributed a lot to the increase in video card prices. The situation could get even worse after the 13th of December. On that date AMD will launch its RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT cards🇧🇷

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