What is still missing for Endrick to be a Real Madrid player

Palmeiras, Real Madrid and Endrick’s staff have defined bases for the player to become an athlete for the Spanish club. The signature only depends on two points:

Form of payment

The transfer will involve amounts in excess of BRL 383 million —70 million euros. It remains to be defined how the payment will be made. Real Madrid (ESP) signals with up to three annual installments and periodic amortizations.

Palmeiras understands the need for installments, as is common practice in businesses of this size, but wants to increase the value and reduce the number of installments.

club percentage

When signing the professional contract with Palmeiras, in June, Endrick negotiated to keep 30% of his economic rights.

Palmeiras tries to increase its earnings to a little beyond 70% that fit him, as he did in previous transfers —the most famous of which was the sale of Gabriel Jesus to Manchester City (ING), in 2016.

Even with the completion of the negotiation, Endrick will only be able to train and play for Real Madrid from July 2024, when he turns 18, as required by law.

The striker has been monitored by the Spanish club since before his arrival at Palmeiras in 2017. To keep the player, Real Madrid beat Barcelona (ESP), PSG (FRA) and Chelsea (ING), among other lesser competitors.

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