What World Cup rivals have said about Brazil

Rival coaches and players have already spoken about the performances and much more of the Brazilian team in Qatar

Insurmountable starting defense, thrashed in the round of 16 and even ‘dancing’ in goal celebrations… the Brazilian Team has had an impact on world Cup until here. And the facts yielded praise, criticism and even a hint of envy among rivals.

Since Croatiarival this Friday (9), at 12:00 (Brasília time), for the quarterfinals, until the eliminated Spain🇧🇷 members of other national teams have already spoken a lot about Tite’s Brazil.

O ESPN.com.br separated some statements and made a summary of what has already been said about Canarinho during the World Cup in Qatar. See below:


Next opponent in the Cup, Brazil has become a more recurring subject behind the scenes of Croatia recently. Last Tuesday (6), coach Zlatko Dalic was asked about the match and spared no praise, placing Canarinho as a “favourite” for the title.

“The game against Brazil will be different from all the ones we’ve played so far in the World Cup, because Brazil will want to play, and not just defend itself. It will be different from all the teams we’ve faced in the World Cup so far”, analyzed Dalic.

🇧🇷Looking realistically, Brazil is the best team in the World Cup🇧🇷 They have a brilliant team, a great cast, it’s terrifying. They are playing open, attacking football, they have a lot of quality, speed, so we have to prepare well. We are not afraid. We have confidence after the good performances we’ve had so far.”

“We want to take advantage of the game and this opportunity. We’re going to play Brazil in a World Cup… It doesn’t get better than this. Of course we want to reach the final, we’re thinking about that, so we’re not going to give up before the game starts, obviously. We want to play football and face Brazil”, he added.

Already this Wednesday (7), defender Dejan Lovren spoke about the controversial ‘dancinhas’ that occurred in the celebrations of the goals against the South Korea🇧🇷 The veteran said he didn’t see any problems, but added a caveat.

“Honestly, everyone can do what they want and celebrate however they want. I have no problem with that, so I don’t think it’s disrespectful to the opponent. But of course there are limits. I know that Brazilians were born with music and dance. I don’t see a problem with that,” said the defender.


Eliminated in the round of 16, Spain also spoke about Brazil. Still in the group stage, Coach Luis Enrique placed his team as the best in the tournament, citing Amarelinha as a favorite, but “no surprises”.

“Is there any team better than Spain? Football-wise, clearly not. We have favorites like France and Brazil, but nobody can be surprised to see what they do“, said.

“We don’t fear anyone, we recently played against France and managed to win the game. We look for the positive points to strengthen our team”, he added.

After the Brazilian thrashing in the round of 16, however, Enrique changed his speech and was full of praise for Tite’s team. 🇧🇷Brazil is starting to turn on the machine. Brazil is winning by 4 to 0. It is in the moment of rest now”, he said, also projecting a, then, possible meeting. “I would already be in the final. So it would be a sure shock.”


Also after the rout in the round of 16, louis van gaaltechnician of Netherlands, did not have the same enthusiasm for Brazil. The veteran said he sees injustice in the analyzes of Brazilian and Dutch performances.

“I saw part of the Brazil game yesterday. The truth is that they play the same football as the Dutch national team.🇧🇷 They act with compact defense and make the transition very quickly”, he analyzed.

“The strangest thing I read in the media, through what my friends show me, is that they say that football in Brazil (against Korea) was ‘brilliant football’, while we did exactly the same thing“, shot.

“We also scored a goal like that (in a quick transition). And our goal was much more beautiful🇧🇷 This was a collective goal, a team goal. This is above all in football. It was the best moment of the current World Cup”, concluded the commander, specifically mentioning the 1st goal in the 3-1 victory over United Statesby octaves.


Finally, Lionel Messi was one more to speak about the Brazilian team. After the classification of Argentina regarding the Australiathe number 10 praised the albiceleste’s chances in the tournament, but placed Amarelinha as the main candidate for the title.

“Argentina is a powerhouse and is always among the best. We knew that, before arriving at Qatar 2022, we were already one of the candidates for the title, for everything we were doing. and with each game we show more by taking a new step”, he argued.

“Yea, of course (Argentina is among the favorites)🇧🇷 We want to win every game, including the World Cup. But from the beginning, you have Brazil, which is doing very well, even with the defeat against Cameroon. Follows as a big favorite“, shot.

🇧🇷France too (they are favourites), and Spain, despite having gone through the way they did, losing the last game, but it is a team that plays very well and is clear what it wants to do and knows how to do: take the ball away from you and keep it possession for a long time in the match,” he added.

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