X Launcher Pro brings the possibility to make your Android look like iOS

O X Launcher Pro tries to bring some of the experience of using the iphone for cell phones android🇧🇷 At first, this is not necessarily new, since applications like One+ Launcher and Espier Launcher 7 arrived years ago with similar proposals to make smartphones look like some previous versions of iOS.

In general, the application shows a collection of themes available for free for owners of devices with Google’s operating system to customize the interface the way they want. In addition, there are several wallpapers and icon packs to complement the customization experience.

X Launcher Pro also features iOS elements like the widget weather and you can also hide unwanted apps. Likewise, it comes with a functional control panel, which has shortcuts to change brightness and volume, even a way to take pictures faster.

It is worth mentioning that the gestures also work and through them, the user has the option of searching for applications and organizing them on the screens. Not only that, but there is also the possibility to change the icon and the name of the applications. Finally, there are even ways to increase or decrease how many apps you want on each screen.

In summary, these are basically the functions, in addition to the visual changes inspired by iOS. Finally, the app is available on the Play Store for R$4.99 at the moment, but its normal price is R$9.49. The app has no ads and the team should continue to develop new functions for the launcher.

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