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Patrick Dempsey recently shared that while Grey’s Anatomy fans are talking about him and Ellen Pompeo starring in a TV series together, this is not the case. Dempsey explained the weekly entertainment“It’s a real testament to fans that they want to see that couple still together and what an impact that is. But no, I didn’t read anything, I didn’t see anything and I didn’t tell her about it.”

While Season 19 is more interesting than ever and the series is fun to rewatch, fans on Reddit noticed that several of the timelines in Grey’s Anatomy don’t add up, and viewers have pointed out that some characters have confusing backgrounds.

How long does season 13 last?

April Kepner looks serious on Grey's Anatomy season 13

The best seasons of Grey’s Anatomy are action-packed, and season 13 has a lot going on, including April Kepner expecting a baby. But while it seems like most seasons of the hospital drama take place over the course of a calendar year, that doesn’t add up to April’s pregnancy.

One Redditor noted “11.23 to 14.07 should last a year. One. Even if April has a full pregnancy in s12, that means s13 can only occur in 2 months.” The April storyline in Season 13 is still significant, but this is a strange time period.

Teddy’s pregnancy doesn’t match

Teddy on Grey's Anatomy

Teddy Altman is pregnant in Season 15 and it’s exciting as she and Owen Hunt have known each other for so long and have had an up and down relationship.

However, Teddy’s pregnancy doesn’t add up, as she is several months along at one point and then the timeline changes and she has been expecting for less time. One Redditor mentioned “Teddy arrives June 9, 2018 at 11 weeks pregnant and becomes 16 weeks pregnant on November 2nd. On Valentine’s Day she is 7 months pregnant, but Alison is due in May 2019.”

When did Mark and Derek meet?

Mark and Derek in the hospital on Grey's Anatomy

Mark Sloan, Derek Shepherd and Addison Montgomery have a complex history with each other, but the timeline of how they all met differs at various points in the series.

Redditor thefairiegirl pointed out “Mark supposedly grew up with Derek and was practically raised by his mother, but when Addison arrives, she explains that they studied medicine together in New York, and that’s how they all became friends.” It’s hard to know if Mark and Derek really became friends when they were kids or if they bonded during college.

Are DeLuca’s parents alive?

Andrew and Carina DeLuca on Grey's Anatomy

Maggie Pierce and Andrew DeLuca have the best Grey’s Anatomy character development and while they have a promising romance, it’s hard to see them apart, though fans would love to see DeLuca and Meredith fall in love. Before that happens, Maggie meets DeLuca’s family, which is a sweet scene.

However, while this is a heartfelt moment, it doesn’t seem like that’s actually possible. Redditor Bubbly-Junket pointed out “Maggie talking to Deluca’s parents on S13, but later on S15 he said his mother died years ago.”

When does Ben play golf?

Ben Warren talking on the phone on Grey's Anatomy

Ben Warren and Miranda Bailey are one of the best Grey’s Anatomy couples and it’s always great to learn more about Ben’s past as he is so kind and supportive of Bailey.

Redditor Kind_Cupcake noted that Ben explains that he plays golf on Tuesday mornings and then Ben leaves during a hospital shooting and is golfing. The fan wrote that this timeframe is nonsensical, “it’s just weird that they establish that he golfs on Tuesdays, and in the next episode, he golfs on Wednesday.”

When does Meredith move to Seattle?

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray on Grey's Anatomy

While fans know that Meredith had a rough childhood with a lot of loneliness, it’s hard to know exactly when Ellis and Meredith started living in Seattle. This is a time frame that doesn’t add up and there seem to be a lot of mistakes here.

Redditor TooMuchGreysAnatomy asked: “Did Meredith grow up at Seattle Grace or did her mom take her to Boston when she was 5, never to return until her surgical internship?” Since Meredith’s background is so important to her development as a surgeon, this stands out.

Is Lexie allergic to eggs?

Lexie on the beach smiling in Grey's Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy fans love Lexie Gray because she is sweet, funny and has some quirks, which makes her scenes attractive. One fan found a confusing timeline about Lexie’s food allergies. Although she seems unable to eat eggs, this later changes.

Redditor EmotionFlimsy wrote, “Lexie eating french toast in season 5, whereas she had just gone into anaphylactic shock from eating eggs last season.” While this is definitely a small thing compared to other stories involving this character, it’s still confusing.

What happened to Webber’s mother?

Richard Webbe looks serious on Grey's Anatomy.

Richard Webber has had an impressive career and seeing him as a parental figure for Meredith is always exciting. One fan pointed out that Richard’s family history doesn’t add up.

Redditor FiretotherainJim noted that Richard says a few different things about his mother. The fan wrote, “Webber says in 10×01 that his parents were at the white coat ceremony when he became a doctor, but later claims multiple times that he lost his mother young.”

Would Jo still be a resident?

Jo and Bailey talking about Grey's Anatomy

Jo Wilson is one of the strongest characters that opens up to Alex Karev when they bond and start dating. One Redditor realized that Jo’s time working at the hospital didn’t make sense, as she would be a long-term resident.

The fan wrote: “Jo apparently starts her residency shortly before Mark Sloan’s death, then marries in June 2018, six years later, still resident.“This seems odd considering residents must become attendants in a shorter amount of time.

Wouldn’t Jackson’s training take longer?

Jackson Avery smiling on Grey's Anatomy

Jackson Avery achieves a high position at Gray Sloan, but it seems like this happens in a short amount of time given the amount of education and training he would need.

A Redditor who works with otolaryngologists said “not only does Jackson need his plastics scholarship (with whom, as you said), but he always claims to have double pension in otolaryngology… residency.”

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