25 hidden tattoos of celebrities: Bruna Marquezine, Mel Maia and more

The famous are references for music, fashion and even tattoos. As we mentioned here in Purebreak, the lion drawing became one of the darlings of artists and that was enough for fans to squirm in the doodles. However, some of them have curious and almost imperceptible tattoos. Check out some of them!

The most curious tattoos of celebrities

Did you know that the actresses of “Pretty Little Liars” wrote the initials of the names of their characters in the series? Another curiosity is that Emilia Clarke made one identical to the one of her character in the movie “How I Was Before You🇧🇷

Selena Gomez, Tommy Dorfman and Alisha Boein “13 Reasons Why“, tattooed a semicolon in support of Semicolon Project, which tries to prevent suicide. Already Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark from “Game of Thrones”, paid homage to the series with one of her most famous quotes. Tom Holland, the “Spider man“, he tattooed the superhero symbol on the sole of his foot.

Bruna Marquezine invests in minimalist tattoos

Bruna Marquezine tattooed a realistic heart in red below the bikini line, but Internet users believed it was on her butt and this generated criticism. Despite being a curious drawing, the actress of “Besouro Azul” did not reveal if it has any special meaning, just because the art is beautiful.

Among almost imperceptible tattoos, Neymar’s ex-girlfriend made a small lightning bolt that is impossible to spot from afar. As a person of great influence, this tattoo has everything to do with her.

Ariana Grande makes japanese tattoo faux pas

Ariana Grande committed a gaffe of those when trying to tattoo the track “7 Rings” in Japanese. For lack of one or two characters, the singer ended up tattooing “bbq grill” in the palm of your hand, which has already been corrected.

On her body, she bears a tribute to the tragedy that took place in Manchester. To honor the lives lost during the “Dangerous Woman Tour“, Ari made a bee behind her ear, which signifies the UK city and also the hardworking nature of people living in the UK.

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