8 Iconic Characters You’ve Never Seen The Face Of

“Wandinha” was responsible for reintroducing Mãozinha to a new generation. The Addams Family member was successful by starring in the Netflix series focused on the young woman played by Jenna Ortega. In addition to this, several other characters have become very iconic, even without almost ever showing their faces. Check out!

1 – Little Hand, from “Wandinha”

Little hand is Wandinha’s great partner. Even though we only see a piece of the character, his highlighted body part is enough to win our hearts. We suffer following his adventures and we feel a lot of empathy for his pain when he suffers. The star manages to express emotions like a great actor, even with such simple movements.

2 – Ms. Belo from “The Powerpuff Girls”

Ms Bellum Cut GIF - Ms Bellum Cut Power Puff Girls GIFs

“The Powerpuff Girls” introduced the great Miss Beautiful🇧🇷 The character always appeared dressed in red and with her long, curly red hair covering her entire face. The protagonists resorted to her when the Mayor was not available to help Candy🇧🇷 cutie and Little Flowerbut we never saw his face.

3 – Charlie Townsend, from “Charlie’s Angels”

Charlies Angels Charlies GIF - Charlies Angels Charlies Angels GIFs

Charlie is the big boss of the trio of spies that star in “Charlie’s Angels”. The man was responsible for sending missions to the protagonists and instructing them throughout the plot. Even though he is the character who gives name to the film and series in the original title in English, “Charlie’s Angels”, we only know him through his voice, when we hear it come out of the sound box.

4 – Ugly Naked Guy, from “Friends”

Season 5 Friends Tv Show GIF by Friends

the neighbor of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Monica (Courtney Cox) on “Friends” is described as bizarrely awkward and often appears naked at the window. Hence, they nicknamed him the Peladão Man, or Ugly Naked Guy, in the original. We never get to see him fully, it’s just that the character is always referenced by the group of protagonists. In one of the episodes, ross (David Schimmer) comes to visit him, but we only see part of his back in the scene.

5 – Sauron, from “The Lord of the Rings”

Ensar GIF - Ensar GIFs

Sauron is the greatest villain of “The Lord of the Rings”. The only time we see the character in full body is in the first film of the franchise and, even so, the antagonist appears wearing armor and a helmet, making it impossible for us to know his true identity. This made fans of the saga have to imagine him in his own way, since he is only shown again as a giant eye on the towers that accompany all the steps of the One Ring.

6 – The mother and father, from “A Vaca e o Frango”

Tumblr: Image

“A Vaca e o Frango” marked an entire generation. In the cartoon, the faces of the protagonists’ parents are never shown. What appears are their lower parts, revealing only half of the characters. But one of the episodes of the series ends up revealing that the top parts of the bodies are stored in a closet. Bizarre, right?

7 – Chester’s father, in “The Fairly OddParents”

Woo Chester GIF - Woo Chester Aj GIFs

“The Fairly OddParents” featured many very atypical characters. one of them was Chesterone of the best friends of Timmy turner🇧🇷 The boy’s father was very awkward and was ashamed of his face. Therefore, he always appeared with a paper bag covering his face.

8 – Mother of Howard, from “The Big Bang Theory”

The Big Bang Theory Howard Wolowitz GIF - The Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory Howard Wolowitz GIFs

A big joke in “The Big Bang Theory” concerns Mrs. Wolowitz. That’s because the mother of howard (Simon Helberg) had a very strange relationship with his son. Her voice followed the young man at different times, but she, in fact, never appeared in the series, only her screams.

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