According to the site, Agatha Moreira will be the antagonist in the new novel by Walcyr Carrasco

According to the Notícias da TV website, actress Agatha Moreira, known for her iconic villains in Globo soap operas, lost her starring role in Walcyr Carrasco’s new soap opera, Terra Vermelha, to play a villain. The broadcaster would have forced the writer to cast a black woman to play the young lady in the plot.

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Therefore, due to her great performance in villains in Carrasco’s novels, Agatha Moreira will be an agronomist named Petra, who will have an addiction to medicine. Her character will confuse the audience at first for her good girl performance, but throughout the story she will surprise.

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Moreira will help the young lady in the plot, called Aline (who still does not have an actress cast), to stay with the protagonist Caio ((Cauã Reymond) his half-brother. As the soap opera progresses, Petra will prove to be mean and vindictive, committing evil deeds out of envy and security.

Terra Vermelha is scheduled to premiere in April 2023 and will replace Travessia, the current 9 pm soap opera.

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