After losing an eye, young man specializes in creating ‘futuristic’ ocular prostheses – News

In 2013, Xia Tong lost an eye after being in a car accident. The young Chinese woman, only 18 years old at the time, then began to dedicate herself to creating futuristic-looking prosthetic eyes: instead of imitating the real appearance of the eyes, some of Xia’s main creations have a cyberpunk aesthetic.

After the accident, Xia became a prosthetic eye technician, an expert in prosthetic eyes. But, in addition to realistic eyes, she also created futuristic versions, with LED lights.

Over time, she published videos using her own creations on social networks and started to have a small legion of admirers and followers.

At the end of November, Xia (now 28 years old) gained even more fame when she gave an interview to the Beijing News website, where she detailed her creation process.

Xia’s prosthetics glow in different colors, flash at the push of a button or light up when she brings her hands together.

According to her, her prostheses have helped many people deal with low self-esteem or even isolation after losing an eye. Admirers of Xia’s work began to demand more beautiful and well-crafted prostheses from professionals.

Xia also acts as an influencer, and answers questions on Chinese social media, where she tries to help people in situations similar to hers.

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