After Neymar, Nike worries about the probable loss of Vini Jr and tries to find a solution

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Nike’s rival companies would already be eyeing the young Brazilian star if he decided to change his sports material supplier

Nike is concerned about the likely loss of Vincius Junior. The striker for Real Madrid (ESP) and the Brazilian national team is dissatisfied with the treatment of the US company and called lawyers to try to break the contract.

Unlike Neymar, Nike did not expect to lose Vini and thought they had the situation under control. Losing Neymar and Vini in two years would be damaging to the brand’s image and could spur further losses of key players.

The imminent loss of Vini Jr, on the other hand, was not expected by Nike and the executives are trying to end the litigation. People close to Vini Jr, however, stated in the report that “there is no going back”. In a press conference on Wednesday (7), the striker said:

“I can’t talk. We have a contract, we’re partners, we can’t talk about our relationship. Since I’m not talking about the relationship with my father, I can’t talk about our relationship with you.”

Nike offers more money and protagonism, but Vini seems to have his mind set. Giants like Adidas and Puma are keeping an eye on the athlete’s situation and the polls can yield a payment 10 times higher.

Vini Jr’s contract with Nike runs until 2028 and lawyers were called in to try to break it. In order not to constitute harassment, Adidas and Puma only made initial contacts and are awaiting termination.

People close to Vini ensure that the dissatisfaction with Nike is not financial, but a proposal with high amounts can be a differential. The 22-year-old believes he receives unfair treatment from the brand.

Vinicius Jr sponsored by Nike since he was 13 years old. Discontent has existed for months and he has already stopped wearing his latest boots in the final stages of the European Champions League.

Nike’s main asset in the Brazilian national team, Vini is currently using an old model from the Mercurial line in the Qatar Cup. ‘Malvadeza’ did not participate in the sponsor’s latest events, not even in the launch film for the new national team uniform – in which, in theory, he should have been the star given the convergence of interests: Nike sponsors Brazil and also the Real striker. Madrid.

Vini had a meteoric rise in the media at this World Cup and was featured in several commercials, appearing to the Brazilian public even more than Neymar did during breaks between matches for the national team. In his social network, the player has a “highlight” for each brand that has entered into a partnership, but not for Nike. The action of organizing partnerships in highlights was done after the litigation with the sporting goods giant, so Nike was never there.

Nike was approached by the UOL Esporte report, but did not respond on the subject.

still in the lead

Among the 26 players on the Brazilian squad for the Qatar Cup, Nike is the sports material supplier with the greatest presence in Tite’s team. The score for the North American company from 10 to 9 in the clash with Adidas. Puma has seven other players.

The scenario of the Brazilian team’s boots for the 2022 World Cup looks like this:

Nike (10): Vini Jr, Richarlison, Rodrygo, Danilo, Marquinhos, Casemiro, Fred, Lucas Paquet, Alisson and Verton Ribeiro.

Adidas (9): Dani Alves, Alex Telles, der Milito, Fabinho, Bruno Guimares, Raphinha, Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli and Pedro

Puma (7): Neymar, Antony, Alex Sandro, Thiago Silva, Bremer, Ederson and Weverton.

In the event of losing Vini Jr, Nike could see a talent slip away from the hands that has perspective of presence in the selection in the long term, even though the fact of being a partner of the CBF already ensures, by itself, a privileged position in the commitments of the selection.

The dispute with Vini Jr is far from Nike’s plans, since the player is a relevant example of the company’s projects for football: a player in the attack sector, young, who plays for a big team (Real Madrid) and is already on the shelf highest in football. Vini was eighth in the election of the best in the world last season, made by France Football magazine.

In addition to Vini Jr, Nike sees Rodrygo, also from Real Madrid, with a similar profile and potential for future brilliance and the chance to be relevant even in this Qatar Cup.

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