Are you MIE? Then YOU NEED to start using WhatsApp Business

As well as the Instagram has its “professional” version for companies and content creators, WhatsApp also has its version for those who need to use it for reasons that are not personal. WhatsApp Business is the ideal tool for anyone who needs tools to improve interaction with customers and suppliers. It is the ideal application for anyone who is MEI and does all the functions of the enterprise alone.

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See the main functions of WhatsApp Business for those who are MEI

First of all, it is good to emphasize that although it is another version of WhatsApp, Business still has all the traditional functions of the application. This includes sending photos, videos, audios, posting Status and even calls.

business profile

The first feature is that you can make a business profile on Whatsapp🇧🇷 There, you can enter the opening hours of your business, address, description, contact email and other settings.


You can create a virtual showcase for your services or products on WhatsApp Business. It works like a catalogue. There are photos, information and even the price. This is a tool that can save you a lot of time and even retain the customer, as they don’t have to wait for you to respond to find out how much what you offer costs.

Hang tags

With WhatsApp Business it is possible to make labels for conversations. So you can separate customers into different categories and serve them in the most appropriate way.

Fast and automatic messages

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting tools on WhatsApp Business. It is possible to create specific shortcuts to answer ready-made phrases, without the need to write them again. This feature is a handy tool to speed up communication with customers. For example, if someone asks for payment methods, you can activate a quick message that has all the necessary information.

In addition, it is possible to program an automatic message that is activated when someone contacts your number. Many companies use it to inform about contact outside of business hours or vacations. Companies that have a large flow of messages use a lot to calm customers, letting them know that they will be attended to soon.

WhatsApp Business stats

WhatsApp Business offers some data that, depending on your business strategy, can help you grow or improve some service points. There is a report on messages received, sent, delivered and much more.

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