Argentina is a semifinalist because it has Lionel Messi – 09/12/2022

Argentina will face Croatia in the semi-final of the World Cup because they have the genius Lionel Messi.

It will be against Croatia because Brazil doesn’t have Lionel Messi.

And Croatia has the sorcerer Modric.

Messi moved the entire defense of the Netherlands to the left in the first half and gave Molina more on the center right to open the scoring, in the 34th minute of the first half. Fooled everyone.

From then on, Argentina put Holland and the game to sleep, something that Brazil did not know how to do when they were in front of Croatia.

In the sleepy second half, Acuña conceded a penalty and captain Messi made it 2-0, at 27 minutes, with the coolness of the big ones.

As without some drama Argentina does not live, at 37, Holland found a headed goal, with Weghorst.

Even strange because the offensive vocation of this Holland of Van Gaal is none.

There, Argentina had to resist.

And he resisted gallantly. Or gardelly.

Until a foul on the 10th of added time at the edge of the area was masterfully converted by Holland, who instead of hitting directly, as Koopmeiners threatened, did it with a low touch into the area where Weghorst turned on Fernández and tied 2-2 and provoked the unthinkable extension.

That passed more or less lethargic in the first half, as if the Netherlands pinched themselves and Argentina tried to recover from the trauma.

Already in the second half of it Di Maria entered the field, probably thinking about the penalties.

Argentina recovered and threatened to win, but Van Gaal’s Netherlands knew how to defend itself and were lucky.

Penalties came, because the crossbar saved the 3-2 score with a last shot by Fernández.

If Croatia’s victory over Brazil was unfair, the Dutch would be even more so.

Van Dijke tapped and Martinez caught.

Messi made it 1-0.

Martinez also caught the second Dutch penalty.

Paredes made it 2-0.

The Netherlands pulled it back to 1-2.

3 to 1.

2 to 3.

Fernández knocked it out: 2 to 3.

3 to 3.

Lautaro Martinez honored the goalkeeper’s last name: 4 to 3!

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