Best Android and iOS Games of the Week [08/12/2022]

Another Thursday has arrived and, as usual here at TudoCelular, we bring you a list of the ten best newly released games for the two biggest platforms for cell phones and tablets, Android and iOS, for you to enjoy next weekend.

Highlights of the week include Art of Fighting 2 ACA NEOGEOthe mobile version of the popular fighting game released in 1994; moth lake, which takes the player on a journey to discover the mysteries hidden in the small town of Moth Lake; and magic against metala war and survival game in a post-apocalyptic world.

The selection below brings paid and free game options. Pricing may vary depending on your operating system and is applied by the developer in order to mitigate fees charged by app stores — Play Store and App Store.

Without further ado, check out the list!

A mysterious punk world where airships fly through the skies. You are Cloud Island’s first airship captain! Cross the endless stages with an AFK game and become a legendary hero!

ART OF FIGHTING 2 is a fighting game released by SNK in 1994. Twelve fighters compete to be crowned the strongest in the ultimate “King of Fighters” fighting championship. New mechanics such as the revamped “Rage Guage”, the addition of weak and strong attacks, and a landing recovery mechanic mean battles are even more intense than in the previous title!

Set off on a cosmic journey to the vast expanse and discover new planets to colonize! Discover this mysterious galaxy as your technological achievements take you to new stages of scientific evolution! Combine your settlements and ships to create new buildings, each more powerful than the last and capable of yielding greater rewards!

Colors are no secret to you, so live the Lumz experience! Travel to different countries and discover symbolic places through a color palette. You face different challenges, solve puzzles, find paths and reconstruct the right colors of the flags.

The world is in ruins and humanity as you know it is gone. From the ashes, two factions arise: the Magi, supernatural beings of incredible power, and the Meccans, a race of super-developed machines. Now these archenemies are in an epic war for survival and access to the most precious element in existence: celestium.

Avoid the high-tech Goblins and conquer the mines! After the first login, you can play offline. Some functions that use the network are limited.

This is the story of Moth Lake, a small town that, behind its peaceful facade, hides a terrible secret. Only a group of teenagers, with a difficult life, will reveal what was hidden for generations. Mysterious events will intensify from the eve of a solar eclipse, and our young friends will begin a journey into the shadows and their own souls.

Ella had her memory blurred in the world of sand, she faced many hardships alone, but with the help of many friends, she advanced courageously, constantly collected fragments of memory to find herself, facing pain, depression and war, and finally grew up bravely. The game is designed with many skills, equipment, bonus upgrades and other operations. It has complex and diverse terrain.

Exclusive to Netflix subscribers. Search for clues and find the killers. In this BAFTA-nominated police game, you lead the investigation into London Yard, and the murder victims’ cell phones are in your hands. Your mission as a detective is to investigate the cell phones full of evidence to try to uncover the truth.

As President Rayne, lead the nation of Sordland through its first term in this text-based RPG. He navigates a political drama driven by conversations with members of his cabinet. With war imminent, corruption ingrained, economic crisis and necessary reforms, the choices rest on your shoulders.

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