‘Brasil’ and ‘123456’ are the most used passwords in the country

The Brazilian is nothing original to choose password. “Brasil” and “123456” are among the most used options in the country, according to a report by NordPass password manager, which surveyed more than 30 countries, including four in Latin America – in addition to Brazil, Chile, Colombia were also surveyed and Mexico.

The numerical combination, unfortunately, is already a classic in the country. Past reports by other companies show that “123456” has been among the most used options in Brazil for years.

The problem with having weak passwords is that cybercriminals need less than a second to be able to crack it and access an account.

The study shows that weak passwords are still being used to “protect” accounts on social networks, emails and between other sites and platforms, mainly because they are easy to remember.

Passwords most used by Brazilians would take less than a second to be hacked - Divulgation/NordPass - Divulgation/NordPass

Passwords most used by Brazilians would take less than a second to be hacked

Image: Disclosure/NordPass

“This makes them easy to predict. Especially in automated brute-force attacks, where cybercriminals use software to test multiple combinations of email addresses and passwords in seconds,” warns Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya, Head of Research Lab at ESET .

Still on the Brazilian list, what draws attention is the number of variations of the most common numerical sequence (123456 – some counting up to 9 – or 102030) and names of people, such as “gabriel” and “felipe”.

In the world ranking, among the most popular keywords are “password” (“password” in English) in first place and “123456” and “12345678” in second and third respectively.

The conclusion was made after analyzing a 3TB (terabyte) database containing credentials that were exposed in security incidents.

How to create strong and secure passwords

No simple combinations. In order to protect your accounts as much as possible, it is extremely important to create strong and secure passwords.

Follow the tips below.

  1. Do not use a birthday, whether yours or that of family members;
  2. Do not use your name, that of family members or pets;
  3. Use and abuse of special characters such as “@”, “*”, “$”;
  4. Use lowercase and uppercase letters;
  5. Use alphanumeric combinations, that is, numbers and letters;
  6. Use different passwords for each account. Never the same;
  7. Change your passwords on a regular basis;
  8. Use a password manager.

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