Brazil may not win the World Cup but will get its hands on FIFA’s billionaire fortune

Brazilian Team
Brazilian Team

THE Brazilian Team does not need to snap up his sixth world title to raise a billionaire fortune from the hands of FIFAthat’s because, the maximum entity of world football rewards the Selections that advance in the final phase of the competition. There are still the bonuses that each team receives per box office.

At World Cup 2022, FIFA will award a total amount of US$ 440 million in cash (R$ 2.29 billion, in direct conversion)🇧🇷 All teams that compete in the biggest football competition in the world earn a share of the total amount. In the case of Brazilian Team, already advanced to the quarterfinals, the amount paid in this stage is US$ 17 million (BRL 88.48 million) for each team.

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The first place in the competition takes home a value of US$ 42 million (R$ 218.8 million)🇧🇷 Second place gets US$ 30 million (R$ 156.3 million). Third and fourth place, respectively, US$ 25 million (R$ 130.2 million) and US$ 27 million (R$ 140.7 million)🇧🇷 In the group stage, each team pockets US$ 9 million (R$ 46.9 million). In the round of 16, the value increases to 13 million.

Mbappé is the most valued star

According to a report by CNBCthe French superstar Kylian Mbappe won about $22.3k ($116.2k) per game in 2018 World Cup. This amount is added to the bonus of approx. US$ 350 thousand (R$ 1.8 billion) received for winning the world🇧🇷 The player decided to donate his winnings to the French charity Premiers of Cordéewhich offers free sports activities for disabled and hospitalized children.

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