Brazilian team boasts and pays almost R$ 1 million for dinner

Players from the Brazilian national team were spotted at a luxury restaurant in Abu-Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. The visit was at the Nusr-Et steakhouse, which has more than ten branches in Turkey and other countries.

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Its owner is a famous celebrity in the business, it is the Turkish Nusret Gökçe, better known as Salt Bae. Her gestures in preparing food became popular on the networks and were even imitated by those who are served.

Who was present at the restaurant?

In the videos appear the former player and current owner of SAF do Cruzeiro, Ronaldo Fenômeno. We also have the presence of Gabriel Jesus, from Arsenal, Éder Militão and Vinicius Junior, both Real Madrid players.

In the recordings, it is possible to see the stars eating “golden steak”, the so-called Golden Steak, which is plated with 24 carat gold. The value of the visit to the restaurant was almost R$ 1 million. The Spanish national team also attended the venue previously.

Speaking to Podpah, a podcast that Ronaldo participated in on Saturday (5/12), the Brazilian star commented:

“If you ate the gold-plated meat, that’s the guy’s problem. […] There’s nothing wrong, it can even be inspiring to other people. There are things we are better off ignoring.”

Discussion about the visit took over the networks

In the midst of sports journalism and on the Internet, the discussion around the subject has gained space. It is possible to find several comments that criticize the ostentation of the players. There are people who use the sports argument that the preparation of the world Cup not to be sidetracked with visits to luxury restaurants.

On the other hand, we have comments that see nothing wrong with what happened, justified by the fact that they got their money legitimately and who won in life.

The fact is that the subject reached the players. The captain, Thiago Silva, commented after questions from journalists: “We [jogadores] feel comfortable talking about whether he played well or badly and what he could have done differently. The off-field part […] it’s hard for us to talk. I don’t allow myself to talk about what each one does off the field.”

After the episode has passed, the Canadian team won against South Korea and is classified for the quarterfinals against the Croatian team. The game will be on Friday (09/12).

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