Brazilians do not forgive the judge’s attitude in the Brazil X Croatia match and the referee’s Instagram is taken over by criticism: “How much did you earn?”


Michael Oliver was the referee of the match and Brazilians believe that the referee favored Croatia

Michael Oliver was the referee for Brazil's match against Croatia
🇧🇷 Playback/Instagram/@michaeloliver.Michael Oliver was the referee for Brazil’s match against Croatia

O Brazil is desolate with the loss of the Brazilian team against Croatia in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar. The game was marked by controversy and at the center of it is the position of the Judge Michael Oliver, responsible for refereeing the game. Those who watched the match did not forgive some of the professional’s actions.

For this reason, the Instagram of Michael was taken over by Brazilian followers who made a series of criticisms of the decisions of the judge🇧🇷 During the live transmission, made by Globo, the narrator himself Galvao even uttered some negative comments against Oliver. Netizens allege that the FIFA contract may have favored Croatia.

🇧🇷He shouldn’t even work at FIFA🇧🇷all your fault🇧🇷Ridiculous🇧🇷Your wife stayed with you out of pity🇧🇷guy creates way🇧🇷Sleep with the windows tightly closed🇧🇷You are blind🇧🇷Thief🇧🇷 “A shameless judge”🇧🇷How much did you earn?”, were some of the offenses received by the referee in a post from Instagram🇧🇷

Until now, the fifa did not comment on Michael’s positions, which indicates that the decisions are validated by the company. famous like Gil do Vigor also commented on the conduct of the professional. “Stealing, everyone wins! That shit*. What a hate. How am I going to do a test? This judge was bought, what a rage”he wrote.

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