chastisement is God’s “divine command”

After international condemnation of the first execution in Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power, a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, Bilal Karimi, assured that the execution, which took place last Wednesday in the western province of Farah, was carried out after many investigations and evaluations.

“The execution took place after many investigations, in line with Islamic (law). All sides should not have any concerns in this regard and should respect it,” explained the deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

“The supreme leader spoke and said that we fought so hard, we fought for 20 years with the pagans to guarantee an Islamic system and that now that God has given it to us, God wants us to guarantee his divine commandments”, reinforced Mohammad Ismail Rahmani, senior member of the Emirate Islamic.

The public execution of a man accused of murder and sentenced to death – the execution was carried out by the victim’s father – faced widespread reactions from human rights organizations and other countries. “The UN strongly opposes the death penalty in all circumstances and urges the authorities to establish an immediate moratorium with the aim of abolishing the death penalty,” wrote the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), on the network social twitter.

“The implementation of (Hudud) is a Shariah command and its implementation is mandatory, but only if the situation warrants it,” said Aziz Maarij, a former diplomat.

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