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The duo formed by director Noah Baumbach and actor Adam Driver returns to theaters. After “Marriage Story”, the two meet again in “White Noise”, nominated for the Golden Lion at this year’s Venice Film Festival.

In the feature film, which hits theaters in São Paulo this Thursday, the 8th, Driver plays a university professor married to Greta Gerwing, an antidepressant addict still in the testing phase. The couple and their four children have to leave the city in a hurry after an accident with toxic materials. Mixing humor, mystery and sarcasm, the film discusses existential questions raised by the tragedy.

Another production that hits the big screens in the capital is “She Said”, based on an investigation into the allegations of sexual violence in Hollywood that spawned the MeToo movement. In the plot, two New York Times journalists start from complaints against Harvey Weinstein and bump into a system that protects aggressors and silences victims.

One more film with journalists is on the list of premieres, the Brazilian “Pronto, Falei”. Quite different from the American feature based on a true story, the work starring Nicolas Prattes and Kéfera Buchmann features a journalist whose emails from the draft box are sent to their recipients. The problem is that he used the folder to vent and even curse his colleagues, relatives and his girlfriend.

In addition, the second feature of the “Twilight” saga hits theaters, in an action to commemorate the ten years of its end, in 2012.

Discover, below, the films that open in cinemas in São Paulo this Thursday, the 8th.

Welcome aboard
Dissatisfied with her job, a flight attendant is fired and has to deal with what life has prepared for her on her return home.

France, Belgium, 2021. Directed by: Emmanuel Marre and Julie Lecoustre. With: Adèle Exarchopoulos, Alexandre Perrier and Mara Taquin. 16 years

Clarice Lispector – The Discovery of the World
The documentary is constructed from a series of testimonials, interviews and videos recorded with the writer’s friends and family. Excerpts from Clarice’s work are the thread that sews together the material chosen by director Taciana Maria —which includes an unprecedented participation in the program “Os Mágicos”, on TV Educativa.

Brazil, 2015. Directed by: Taciana Maria. 10 years

She said
The production is based on the book of the same name by two New York Times reporters. In the film, journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor investigate claims of sexual harassment by Hollywood actresses against producer Harvey Weinstein, which started the MeToo movement.

United States, 2022. Director: Maria Schrader. With: Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan and Patricia Clarkson. 12 years

honor brothers
The action film is inspired by the true story of Jesse Brown, the first black aviator in the United States, and features classic elements of the genre, such as gunshots and explosions. In the film, two pilots are accepted into elite training and develop a friendship that is put to the test on the battlefield.

United States, 2022. Director: JD Dillard. With: Jonathan Majors, Glen Powell and Serinda Swan. 12 years

Mucus – Contradiction in Tradition
The documentary shows the journey of two Brazilian brothers to India to interview spiritual leaders. What motivates the search are the ethical principles, traditions and contradictions of the ancient practice of yoga.

Brazil, India, 2022. Director: Oberom. 12 years

There, i said it
Renato is a journalist who expresses his day-to-day emotions and thoughts by writing emails that he doesn’t send — he just saves them in the drafts folder. One day, he realizes that all the curses, complaints and statements have reached their intended recipients.

Brazil, 2022. Directed by: Michel Tikhomiroff. With: Nicolas Prattes, Rômulo Arantes Neto and Kéfera Buchmann. 14 years

white noise
The direction is by award-winning Noah Baumbach, who is also behind “Story of a Marriage” and “The Squid and the Whale”. In history, the family of the couple played by Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig needs to leave where they live after an accident with toxic products. At the same time, the characters deal with everyday issues and seek to understand universal mysteries, such as love and the pursuit of happiness.

United States, 2022. Director: Noah Baumbach. With: Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig and Jodie Turner-Smith. 14 years

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
This week, it is the second film in the saga that returns to the screens. Realizing that the relationship with Bella puts her in danger, the vampire Edward decides to move away and leaves the city. At that moment, the human’s relationship with Jacob, the third element of the love triangle, begins to develop.

United States, 2009. Director: Chris Weitz. With: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. 12 years

Abandoned by his father, Teo also has a distant relationship with his pre-teen daughter Duda. But he is forced to travel with the girl to the interior of Bahia, where the father lives. The three characters, who feel lonely even sharing the same space, are forced to face traumas and resentments in this coexistence. Rômulo Braga received the award for best actor at the Festival do Rio for his work on the feature.

Brazil, 2021. Director: Lô Politi. With: Rômulo Braga, Everaldo Pontes and Malu Landim. 14 years
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A Woman of the World
Marie is an independent prostitute—she doesn’t work for brothels and is a member of the sex workers’ union. A single mother, she also needs to support her son, who enrolls in a renowned culinary school. Financial difficulties and loans denied push her to the limit to finance the young man’s dream.

France, 2021. Director: Cécile Durcocq. With: Laure Calamy, Nissim Renard and Béatrice Facquer. 14 years

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