Commentators debate Kaká’s speech about Ronaldo

World champion and former player of the Brazilian national team, Kaká made a controversial statement on the English television program BeIN Sports this Thursday (8). He said that many Brazilians treat Ronaldo Fenômeno as “a fat man”, instead of idolizing him the way he deserves.

At the Ball possession, journalists José Trajano, Arnaldo Ribeiro, Mauro Cezar Pereira and Marília Ruiz discussed Kaká’s statement. For Arnaldo, the phrase does not match reality. Ruiz said that it reflects the “network of partners” that revolves around the selection.

“Ronaldo, because he came to play here at the end of his career, a lot of people, Corinthians or not, went to the stadium to see him. a player condemned to abandon his career. Now, he will be analyzed as the owner of Cruzeiro, there is no such thing, winning a World Cup does not make the guy unattainable. It is not a lack of affection or admiration, life goes on off the pitch”, said Arnold.

“The situation is simple, there is a network of ‘partners’ who today decided to act together on the same subject. It starts with Neymar’s story and goes through Casagrande’s story. Today you enter Marcos’ post making fun and being disrespectful to Casagrande has a like from Kaká, a laugh from Neymar, a laugh from other players and former national team players”, analyzed Ruiz.

Arnaldo: Brazil will not have a red carpet against Croatia

In Arnaldo Ribeiro’s opinion, Brazil will not find it easy against Croatia. He said that the “red carpet” rolled out by the Koreans in the round of 16 this time will not be on the field.

“Croatia showed the same respect as the South Korean national team, including declarations of admiration for Brazilian football. But they will not roll out the red carpet for Brazil as South Korea did. One thing is respect, another is idolatry, South Korea Sul treated the Brazilian team almost with reverence, it won’t be that.”

Mauro: Brazil’s risk is Croatia cooking the game

Mauro Cezar Pereira drew attention to the dangers of the duel against the world runners-up. According to him, the Brazilian team cannot let the match cool down.

“The risk that Brazil runs is Croatia being able to cook this game and push it to extra time. If Croatia plays the game at the pace that suits them, it could complicate things, it’s a team that hasn’t played well so far, but in the other Cup it reached the end like that. It’s a game that can get complicated, you can’t despise a world runner-up.”

Trajano: Everybody wants Brazil vs Argentina

For José Trajano, Brazilian fans already live the expectation of a possible duel with Argentina in the Cup semifinal. Messi’s team faces the Netherlands and, if they qualify, they will win Brazil x Croatia. “The thing is Brazil and Argentina, ask in bars, on the streets, call a friend or see it on social media.”

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