Company looking for Santa Claus pays up to 500 euros per weekend (and needs it for Braga)

The local services platform Fixando is looking for Santa Clauses to respond to the various events taking place across the country during this season, and is willing to pay up to 500 euros per weekend.

“Until the 16th of December, Fixando will speed up the registration process on the platform for all those interested in providing animation services like Santa Claus. Additionally, providers in this area will also have access to a free proposal per day, so that they can contact customers immediately”, says a company statement.

According to Alice Nunes, new business director at Fixando, “this is an attractive opportunity for anyone who likes to work with children and in event animation”.

The company wants to attract more than 1,000 Father Christmases across the country.

If you want to be Santa Claus for a block, sign up here.

“With requests to hire Santa Clauses translating into an average income of 135 euros per service, with an average duration of two hours”, he assures.

And he points out attractive values: “With two services a day, on a weekend it is easy to reach more than 500 euros, with just a small investment in the suit, which costs about 30 euros already with boots and accessories (beard and mustache)”.

According to Fixando, it is in the district of Lisbon (43%) that there are the most requests for this Christmas service, followed by Porto (17%), Aveiro (10%) and Braga (8%).

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