Crespo says what he thinks of Brazil’s dances at the World Cup and pinpoints who he will support if Argentina is eliminated

Hernán Crespo gave an interview to ESPN directly from Doha, Qatar, and talked about the World Cup

In an exclusive interview with ESPNdirectly from Doha, Qatar, the former striker and now coach Hernán Crespo gave his opinion on a topic that has been the talk of the last few days: the dance celebrations of Neymar🇧🇷 Vinicius Jr. and cia by Brazilian Team at world Cup🇧🇷

After the former steering wheel Roy Keane “spinning” the players of Brazil, saying that he saw the dances as something disrespectful, there were all sorts of reactions. Many people in the world of football disputed the opinion of the legend of the Manchester Unitedwhile others agreed with today’s TV commentator.

former commander of Sao Paulo, Crespo highlighted that, during the nine months he worked at the São Paulo club, he did everything to understand the thinking of Brazilian athletes. And that’s precisely why he says there’s nothing wrong with dancing to celebrate a goal.

“I learned a lot in Brazil to try to understand the culture of the Brazilian player. It’s normal, as an opponent, to see your rival dance. Honestly, it’s not very pretty, but they’re not doing anything bad.🇧🇷 They’re just dancing and celebrating the goal”, said the former striker, who highlighted that he has “pleasure” in seeing the Brazilian team play in the Cup.

🇧🇷It’s a pleasure to see Brazil play🇧🇷 I saw Tite dancing with the players, and what I understood from that is that it is a very compact and united group. So, I think that Brazil, for me, is the favorite of this tournament along with France, for what they have been doing in recent years, not just during the World Cup”, he pointed out.

“But dancing or not dancing is not important. The most important thing is to have fun on the pitch and entertain the crowd. The team is playing wonderfully, with great individual performances.🇧🇷 Richarlison, even Neymar playing at 50% can make the difference, there’s Raphinha, Casemiro… Everyone!”, he exclaimed.

“Sincerely, this team is very serious and knows what it should do on the field“, he added.

Crespo, of course, wants to see the Argentina champion, putting an end to the long absence of titles in the Albiceleste in Worlds.

However, he leaves aside the old rivalry between Brazilians and Argentines and guarantees: if the Lionel Scaloni doesn’t get the title, who wants to see Brazil win the Hexa in Qatar.

🇧🇷You know perfectly well that I want Argentina to finally be able to become world champions again.🇧🇷 But if that doesn’t happen, Brazil is here, in my heart. Because it was a spectacular nine months (living in Brazil), with an entire nation, more precisely São Paulo, being very nice to us, very respectful”, he highlighted.

“So I take my heart. If it doesn’t work out with Argentina, I want Brazil to be six times champion“, finished.

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