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After all, Wonder Woman 3 could still happen, as a new report claims DC’s interest in making the film with Gal Gadot, even without Patty Jenkins.

Warner Bros. and DC Studios reportedly still want to make Wonder Woman 3 with Gal Gadot as the star, even if director Patty Jenkins doesn’t return. O wonder Woman The film franchise began as the crown jewel of the DC Universe, as the first film released in 2017 was critically acclaimed and exceeded box office expectations. Its sequel’s success is harder to determine given its pandemic release, but Warner Bros.’ announcement that Wonder Woman 3 was in development shortly after its release sparked its success. Two years later, though, DC Studios’ leadership change brought fears about its status.

News began to circulate yesterday that Wonder Woman 3 was canceled by Warner Bros. and DC because the film didn’t fit with the vision that James Gunn and Peter Safran have for the future of the cinematic universe. Now, a report Deadline provides a status update on the film, which includes stating that there is still interest in making another one wonder Woman film at DC. The report corroborates recent news that Patty Jenkins refused to rework her. Wonder Woman 3 script to suit the new DCU vision. While the initial report indicated that the movie was no longer happening, this update shows that the studio still wants to make it. Wonder Woman 3 and hopes Gal Gadot agrees to return even without Jenkins around.

Wonder Woman 3 could be a perfect reboot for Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot flying

If Gal Gadot agrees to return to Wonder Woman 3, the film franchise, and Wonder Woman are in the perfect position for a soft reboot. Patty Jenkins had ideas for two more wonder Woman films and a possible spin-off, but it could be argued that Wonder Woman 1984 it works as a nice conclusion to Diana’s arc. The first two films were period pieces set in the DCU’s past and revolved around Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor’s novel. Wonder Woman 1984Diana’s ending fully teased her responsibility to be a hero for humanity.

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League showed Wonder Woman in the modern era, Wonder Woman 3 could fully embrace the setting and show how Diana fits into the current landscape. The film could then be responsible for really launching Wonder Woman’s modern story, which could be the basis for a new trilogy in itself. That would distinctly define Wonder Woman 3 beyond the first two movies without the DCU having to completely reboot the character, especially if Gal Gadot sticks around.

What happens with Wonder Woman 3 it’s still very much up in the air right now, but the movie being reworked to keep Gal Gadot around as a DCU fixture is a better option than canceling her solo movie and potentially needing to recast the role. Whereas Gal Gadot has shared her enthusiasm for playing Wonder Woman over the past few years and teased future plans a day ahead of Wonder Woman 3 rumors started, his desire to continue playing Diana Prince is pretty clear. Now that could happen with a new creative team, new setting, new love interest, and a new status quo for the DCU.

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