Done deal! Wellington Rato is the new striker for São Paulo

Wellington Rato is from São Paulo. After an intense dispute with Fotaleza, the athlete chose to come and make history at Morumbi.

Despite the attempt by the player’s businessmen to increase the value, Tricolor made its behind-the-scenes power prevail and maintained the proposal. He put his foot down and did well, the player’s willingness to come spoke louder.

The values ​​have already been agreed between the parties. There will be 3 years of contract. São Paulo disburses R$4.5 million for 100% of the player’s rights. Such payment will be made in installments (4 installments).

According to the businessman, this was an old dream of Rato:

– Wellington was very honored by such traditional clubs trying to sign him. However, he always had the dream of playing for São Paulo, it’s something old. The possibility of working with Rogério Ceni, with Muricy, also weighed heavily in his choice – said Renan Coelho Costa, businessman from Wellington Rato.

The 30-year-old midfielder still does not have a defined number in the Tricolor team, but an interesting fact is that he can play in all roles from the “10” onwards. Interestingly, he used several numbers for Atlético-Go: 7,9,10,11 and 20. In the 2022 season, Wellington Rato was one of the highlights of the Goiás team. He entered the field 70 times, scored 15 goals and distributed eight assists.

Regardless of the number that the player will wear or the amount to be paid for him, the desire to wear the mantle and the respect that the athlete has had so far must be exalted. Since the beginning of negotiations, Fortaleza has offered a lot more money to have the player, which made his desire to wear the colors of the biggest club in Brazil, São Paulo Futebol Clube, prevail.

It is worth remembering that this is São Paulo’s third signing in two days, the club has already signed goalkeeper Rafael and striker Pedrinho with a view to next season’s competitions.

Good luck to them and may they make history around here!

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Greetings Tricolors!
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