Echo Show 15 receives Fire TV interface in new update released by Amazon; see the news

Amazon has released a free software update for the Echo Show 15, bringing the Fire TV line interface to the device in the model in question, a novelty that improves the user experience with more features for users, such as access to streaming applications. of Prime Video, YouTube and Netflix videos.

According to the company, the new firmware version based on Fire TV allows you to run these applications by touching the Show 15’s touchscreen or through voice command invoking Alexa. However, to access certain functionalities it is necessary to use the virtual control on the screen or the voice remote control, an accessory sold separately.

This device improvement makes it possible to pause a show on a TV connected to a Fire TV device and easily resume right where you left off on your Echo Show 15 device. Shortcuts and widgets for content consumed on connected devices also feature prominently in this recent handheld update.

Customers who are using the Echo Show 15 can now update the software to the latest version and follow the steps to use the Fire TV interface. Then, just access the streaming apps you have an account with to log in and enjoy all the news launched with the new interface of the most advanced model in the Echo category.

Among the available voice commands are: “Alexa, watch Galinha Pintadinha on YouTube”, “Alexa, watch suspense movies” or “Alexa, watch movies with Morgan Freeman.”, etc.

When viewing the selection of movies found, the customer will be able to watch one of the items on the list just by asking “Alexa, play number 2”, for example. Another facility is to use your voice to control the video itself, such as pausing, resuming, rewinding or advancing a specific number of minutes or seconds.

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